Friday, March 30, 2012

Petrie sofa, interrupted

See this big empty space in front of the windows?

That's where my new sofa should be.  You might notice that its not there.  

That's because today, for the SECOND time, I sent the sofa back.  The first time it was delivered there was a hole in the upholstery, right in front.  Today, the second sofa was delivered, and it had damage to the fabric behind the cushions.  Mr. Delivery Guy says "you know, three people in the warehouse inspected this and picked it out for you." 

Well, clearly they didn't inspect it very well, now did they??  

Step up your game, Crate and Barrel.  I have wanted this sofa for three years, and I'm not too happy with the service or product provided for the amount of money I have spent.  


  1. LOVE this sofa too!! How disappointing with the crappy service!??
    What color are you getting it in?

  2. Bummer! Try calling the corp. office and telling them you are blogging about this. You would be surprised how thees little blogs make big people nervous!

  3. What a disappointment...three people inspected the couch and didn't notice the problem? I would expect more from Crate and Barrel...or any company, especially since this was the second couch delivered.

  4. That sucks! Hopefully third times a charm.

  5. Wow! Beautiful sofa, and I do hope that next time it is perfect. It's a good think you are careful about inspecting it before Mr. Delivery Guy goes away!

  6. "Three people inspected it? Oh, well then, I guess I'll take a sofa WITH A HOLE IN IT."

    I wonder what the deal is. Makes me hesitant to buy furniture from Crate & Barrel.

  7. I think the most annoying part is that they have delivered two damaged sofas, and I still have to wait ANOTHER WEEK for a third delivery? You've screwed up twice and you can't turn around and go back to the warehouse TODAY? I have to wait a WEEK?

  8. I had a red houndstooth C&B sofa that I loved- but after just a couple of years the fabric ripped. I went to the special downtown furniture store to see about replacement- didn't seem to me that the not cheap sofa with the upgraded fabric should poop out so soon, but they said it was my problem, were polite but dismissive and I will not be buying a couch from them again. Even though they look great.


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