Monday, March 12, 2012

pumping gas; chesterfields

Two more days till we leave!



It occurs to me that I will have to learn to pump my own gas when I get to California.

If the majority of you are scratching your heads at that, let me inform you that New Jersey is unique in two aspects: you can't make a left off a major road here, and you don't pump your own gas.  Obviously on small local and residential roads you can make a left, but generally on roads with more than two lanes in each direction, you will have to get in the right lane and go around a circle at a light to make a left, much like an exit ramp.


These U-turns are known as jug handles, and they are confusingly placed. Sometimes they are before the light. Sometimes they are after the light.  Sometimes there won't be one and you'll have to go to the next light, or even the light after that.  And sometimes, for no reason you can discern, there will be a left turn lane.  If there is someone sitting in the middle of the intersection, trying to make a left into four lanes of oncoming traffic where there is no turn lane, and there are twenty cars behind him honking with rage, 100% of the time that car will have out-of-states plates and a driver gesticulating wildly.

Anyways, we don't pump our own gas.  The gas station attendant will do it for you, and you are not charged extra for the privilege.  I had a job in Georgia a few years ago, and I managed to spend four months there and only pumped my own gas twice.  The rest of the time I batted my dewy eyes at strapping young men and had them do it for me.  (That was before I had children who stole my youth; I was prettier then and young men were quite happy to help me.)

New states, new adventures, I guess.  I look at it as adding to my life skill set.

I am obsessively shopping for the sofa for the playroom.  Its distracting me from the fact that I am leaving nearly everyone I love outside of my nuclear family behind. (Waah. Hold me.)  Also, that's what I do--shop obsessively for something once I have a design idea in my head.  Between the sofa and trying to find a way to do the banquette inexpensively, I am a shopping MACHINE.

I went to West Elm and sat on the chesterfield sofa.  It  If I wanted a small loveseat for an entryway, or a second small sofa for a rarely-used living room, then that would be a nice choice.  It was a bit hard and stiff (oh, so many jokes here) but not very comfy.  Since I anticipate logging quite a few hours on that sofa, I want something that we can all snuggle on.  That sofa was not it.

Yesterday I was drooling longingly over the green Atelier chesterfield at Anthropologie.  At $6000, its wayyy out of my budget, but oh my heavens, is it not just the most beautiful sofa?  I can't get it out of my mind.  On the other hand, I haven't sat on it either.

And it comes in yellow!

Pottery Barn has a nice one, but at 90 inches long, its too big for the playroom.

Jules has an aMAAAAzing one she found on craigslist.  Stuff like this never turns up on my craigslist.

This picture has been in my inspiration files for quite a while.  I love everything about it--the white chesterfield, the vintage art, the black window trim, the rug, the metal table....I would love to have this living room.
The rest of my sofa shopping will have to take place in California.  Less than 48 hours till we are there.  


  1. Are sofas with tufted seats comfy? I feel like they might make your butt sore.

    I am obsessed with velvet sofas at the moment. Even though we're not buying any sofas in the near future.

  2. I've been meaning to write for awhile. I found your blog while searching for nursery design ideas after we moved back in Jan (our 2 boys were going to be sharing a room, but now they have their own- seemed like a good idea as they're 7 & 1). I am also trying to decorate using a bit a craftiness, a bit of thrifting, and a bit more IKEA than I thought I might. Your snarkiness is my snarkiness, and your kids' antics remind me of mine... But most of all, while I know you'll be missing your family, WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA!!!

    -Amy in SF

  3. Two states in the country can't pump their own gas. New Jersey, and.....anybody, anybody.....Oregon. You also forgot to mention that gas in already $4/gallon out west. By the way, CL in CA rocks!!

  4. I remember driving in Jersey and not being able to pump my own gas which at the time was so annoying because I was in a hurry and the attendant was painfully slow. You'll get used to it.

    What is CL (Linda mentioned it)? I keep meaning to ask her.

    And, yes, Jules got that Chesterfield for a steal. Lucky girl;)

  5. CL = Craigslist. Too bad about the West Elm sofa. That was my favorite. I bet you'll find something once you get to California.


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