Saturday, March 3, 2012

Comedy of Errors

Who's got two thumbs and will never again agree to move across the country on seventy-two hours notice?


Who decided not to stress out and try to get everything done in 24 hours and accomplished packing only what she and the kids needed for traveling in a leisurely fashion, until she received an email the night before the movers showed up notifying her that her belongings were estimated at 525 lbs over the weight limit and thus she owed an astronomical sum of money to the movers, and had less than 12 (nighttime) hours before the movers showed up to get rid of stuff?

This girl!

Who dropped her keys in her mother in law's car, thus necessitating a two hour trip to go get them while the car shipping guy twiddled his thumbs in her driveway waiting for her to return with the keys?

This girl!

Who sent all her food to Grandma's house the night before in a stroke of brilliance, and discovered the morning of the move she had three children, two baby yogurt cups and one spoon?

This girl.

This girl is tired, yo.

This girl has Project Patch All The Holes and Project Paint Over All the Crayon On the Walls to accomplish, but today I am going to hang out with my girls for a last hurrah. Onwards and upwards, peeps.


  1. I was stressing out just reading that. I bet you can't wait until this is all over. Hang in there!

  2. Yup, my heart rate just went through the roof while reading this mess! YIKES! I need to relax and look at cute kitten pictures now. Good luck!

  3. Oh man. Sorta speechless. I think you'll look back on this and laugh?

  4. Oh no! I certainly hope things have started to improve or you've poured yourself a large glass of wine and/or had a pan of brownies!

  5. DOOD! I am sweating.....just in your honour. Man, oh man, hang on for the it too soon to tell you that you will one day tell this story laughing so hard your drink comes out your nose?


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