Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Over the fireplace

I have a fireplace in the new living room.  I also have realllllllly high ceilings.  This means I have an enormous space over the fireplace that needs an enormous something to fill it.

I love large, fancy mirrors over a fireplace.  My peacock mirror, however, is not quite big enough for the space. I've been looking on craigslist and the interwebs for other possibilities.

I saw this pagoda mirror at ZGallerie (aside: squee, I will finally be living within driving distance of a ZGallerie!).  I luuuuuurrrve this mirror.  I had plans to put it in my bedroom, but at 54 x 32 it might be big enough for the fireplace?  I'd probably paint it red if I put it in the living room.
This Louis Phillipe knockoff from Ikea is 77 inches tall and 36 inches wide, so it definitely has a nice scale.  I'd spray paint it gold.

Another ZGallerie option is this ornate Angelique mirror:

I'd love to find something like the Angelique mirror on craigslist for cheaper, but I haven't seen anything so far at a price I'm willing to pay.

I could also put up some vintage art--I am particularly partial to vintage travel and advertising posters:

Aside from the Ikea mirror, however, none of these options are terribly economical.  I am debating attempting an abstract art myself.  However, the canvas in the size I need is itself over $100, and there is a reason good abstract art is expensive---its harder than it looks.  Plus the moving company did not move our paint supplies, so I'd have to buy paint as well, making the DIY option just as expensive as most of the mirrors on the list. 

Decisions, decisions.  I will probably keep hunting craistlist. 


  1. try trift stores and craiglist!

    why the moving company didn't move your paint supplies? that's weird!

  2. "there is a reason good abstract art is expensive---its harder than it looks." So true!!

  3. I love your ideas, but if they're not in the budget I would definitely keep looking on Craigslist. When you get a chance, email me the city where you moved. If it's near my brother I'll ask him if he has any ideas. Have you tried stores like Tuesday Morning or TJ maxx? Sometimes they have bigger pieces of art or mirrors that aren't too terribly expensive.

  4. I agree with Tiffany. I have a Ross (like TJ Maxx, but not as good) nearby and they almost always have reasonably priced large art and sometimes mirrors. But, nothing compares to that awesome pagoda mirror.

  5. I showed this post to my little sister who does not understand why if you're definitely only staying a year, you'd spend tons of money. Alex says you should just paint that fireplace wall an accent color and call it a day. She also said if you don't like that idea you could do really wide stripes in two different colors that mesh with each other all up and down that one wall.

  6. Rusulica--most moving companies will not move paints, aerosols and cleaning supplies.

    Sam--an accent color would be nice, but the walls are nearly 20 feet high, and I do not have a ladder that would reach that high (and to buy a 20 foot ladder is a few hundred dollars.)


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