Wednesday, March 21, 2012

craigslist, first day of new school

I am selling a number of pieces of furniture on craigslist, and searching on craigslist for an ottoman for our living room.   From the woman who sent me seventeen emails about my dresser only to huffily say OH, NEVERMIND, to the four people who have emailed to ask if I will take $20 for a dresser listed for $100, to the guy who said "its none of your business if I have pets" (I asked if his ottoman has been in a home with pets since my son has severe allergies), craigslist brings out the best in people.

Greg's first day at his new school was Monday.  I took some "first day of school" pictures (which may remind you of a few previous years "first day" pictures, as you can see here, and here).  Greg is not all that fond of the camera.

His first two days seemed to go pretty well.  He is going to a year-round school, so he only has one week of school before he goes on a three week break.

The Mister and I often refer to the children's more destructive antics as "Hulk SMASH!!!!"  I came across these Hulk fists in Target and they made me laugh.  The kids want to play with them SO BAD.


  1. I love that first day of school pictures of Greg are always the same. The one behind the tree is great :)

  2. Nice to know that suckie CL people are everywhere!

  3. Oh, so glad I got to catch up! I am amazed at how much you've gotten done. We had 3 much bigger kids and only moved 30 minutes, and it took us so much longer to get to anything resembling the state you're in.

    We moved in August. Just LAST WEEKEND did I unpack the last box.

    And I really like cobalt blue and that green color together, too. That room has sweet bones--love all those windows.

    And as for your campaign furniture: That's just all kinds of wrong!

    OK, obviously I need to check back more often :-)

  4. Too funny that he doesn't like the camera!

  5. I've never had a bad CL experience, but then again, I usually have my husband handle it. Don't you want to just punch people in the face sometimes? No? Is it wrong that I do?


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