Thursday, March 22, 2012

new house William Morris Project: playroom

This whole house is a William Morris project waiting to happen. (Warning, there are no pretty "after" pictures today.)

I'm not going to make an exhaustive list today because it will depress me (or rather I could by simply putting one item: house), but I have a few areas I need to focus on.   I wrote this post thinking I would make a short list of those areas, but then this turned into a long, rambling post about the playroom, so I'll just focus on that for today.

Area number one is the playroom.  I purged the playroom when we were living at the old house.  When I unpacked here, I purged again.

I got rid of five trash bags of toys that will go to Goodwill, as soon as I figure out where one is.

And yet, this room is still too full. It needs another round of purging.  I would like to have only the toys that fit in this wall of cubes, and as of right now, there are still some toys that don't fit.  I want the Wii accoutrements to fit in the cubes, the outdoor stuff like bubbles and chalk, and room for more books.

I  would really to find room for the art supplies in here as well.  I hate art projects.  I'd rather poke out my eyeballs with sharp sticks than do an art project.  I'd be thrilled to get rid of the art supplies.  But the kids like doing them (blarg) and so they must stay, and thus I must find a place for them.

I also find that the cubes are very heavy on older kid toys like Bey Blades and weapons, but not very much on little toddler toys. When the boys are home Princess bashes and crashes with her older brothers, but when they aren't around she does like to play with her baby dolls and her (vintage, used to belong to me in the eighties) My Little Ponies.

Its really hard to decide what to get rid of. I feel like what is in here are the toys that get used the most.  I suppose I could combine some categories. Each bin has a separate category of toy: balls, superheroes, cars, playdoh, food for the kitchen, dishes for the kitchen, Legos, blocks, etc.  Food for the kitchen and dishes for the kitchen could go in the same bin (the horror! No, I don't have OCD.)

I would also like a more organized solution for the costumes than the bin they are currently thrown into.  This armoire redo by Rambling Renovators would be fabulous but I don't really have room for that in here.

That kitchen countertop is a William Morris project all its own.

I'd like to put up a corkboard next to the tv to hold the kids' artwork.  Currently the artwork is held up with tape.

Last but not least, I would like to downsize the plastic play kitchen. I found this large plastic one on the curb on trash day a year ago, so I'm happy to donate it and pass it on. Princess does use it frequently, so perhaps DIY-ing something in a smaller scale that could tuck in under the eat-in counter would help.

My "after" picture is hardly any better than the before, but this is going to be a while.  At least its usable now.

I'm linking up to Pancakes and French Fries's William Morris Project.


  1. I KNOW. I just posted about our playroom today, too. And I also wrote that I hate to do crafts. I find that my own kids don't utilize the bins very well (out of sight, out of mind), but it sounds like your kids actually put them to use. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll track that Goodwill down soon!

  2. I was just at IKEA and saw a cute wooden petite kitchen. I also have a tabletop wooden Alex kitchen that my older son used and loved- I think Melissa and Doug make a tabletop kitchen too.

  3. I totally had to laugh when you said you're not into art projects. At. All. I will do them sometimes because my 3yo adores them. But honestly, I'd rather not have to be exposed to them. :)

    I think you made some nice progress. And I'm definitely a wee bit more OCD than I should. I compare myself to Monica from Friends all the time. :)

  4. I am impressed that you even have a post after that huge move! Hang in there. You have a lot on your plate.

  5. Take a deep breath. It'll be OK. If she plays with the kitchen, keep it. She'll grow out of it quicker than a blink. Been there, done that--and I hate art projects with a passion, too.

  6. Wow! I just read through a great deal of your blog--have you been through the wringer recently!

    I have a couple of thoughts I ant to share ith you:
    1) artork over the fireplace: use that IKEA fabric you were thinking of for curtains. Buy some wood at home depot for a "frame" you can just staple it too.

    #2 Curtains.
    Drop cloths. I know. But cheaper than dirt. Bleach them according to the directions at Miss Mustard Seed and then, take some paint, mixed with the stuff you buy to make it fabric paint and paint cobalt blue chevrons on them. Or something. Maybe green. Whateve.

    Hope that inspires you or helps in some way. Cheers.

  7. Why can't the outdoor stuff go like ... outdoors? I mean isn't it pretty nice outside in California all the time? And the plastic kitchen could be outside too since it's plastic.

  8. Hey, about the TV. I found a picture of an idea of how to deal ith it. It may appeal to you. I pinned it.


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