Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what to do with the playroom?

Let the decorating begin!

Oh wait, I have to finish unpacking.

I have unpacked the playroom.  I was planning on buying a new sofa for the playroom, but the Murray sofa I already have from Room and Board is the perfect size, and the kids have broken the springs on the seat and peed on it anyways, so I decided to stick that sofa in the playroom and buy a new one for the living room.  (The new sofa is supposed to arrive on Sunday, so hopefully I'll post pictures of it then!)

Its still a mess. 

The tv is not centered--we couldn't find a stud anywhere in the middle of the wall, and the Mister drilled many, many holes to find it, so we went with off-center.  That puts paid to my idea of hanging something on either side.  Ideas for decorating around a tv stuck randomly at 3/8ths of the way across on a wall?  I am not really the kind of girl who places art organically, I am more of a rigid grid type person.  This is probably going to drive me nuts the entire time we live here.

The playroom shares space with the dining room--its a long, 20 x 13 room.  One half is the playroom, and the other half is the dining room.  I had hoped to do a banquette in the dining room, but I cannot find a seating solution for an amount of money I want to spend that doesn't involve mounting kitchen cabinets to the wall, and thus I am putting that idea aside for a while.

The nice thing about this space is that it gets great natural light.  The bad thing about this space is that the natural light will sear your eyeballs in the morning, especially where the sunlight comes in through the high window and glares off the glass table top.  I'd like some curtains in here.

I am, however, undecided on what color direction to go here.  And whether I should do curtains? Pelmets?  Roman shades?  What to do with that top window, which doesn't have blinds like the others?

This room is open to the kitchen, which has navy blue tile counters, and the toy storage is contained in bright green bins, so I'd like to work with these colors.  The room is also open to the living room, which will have a brightly colored curtain pattern including red, teal, green and yellow.

I'm partial to the Stockholm Blad curtains from Ikea.  I think cobalt blue and bright green are a fabulous color combo, so the curtains and bins would work nicely with each other. 
We had the green colorway in our playroom in the apartment, so obviously that works as well:
What to do?  And what do I do with that window up top?


  1. I love the first set of curtains (the blue ones). I am really enjoying your posts although I'm sure you're overwhelmed. I hope the rest of the unpacking goes smoothly.

  2. I like the first ones too. Navy and green is one of my favorite color combos. I say go for roman shades. I think they look so nice and neat. If the kids are playing in the area, you don't have to worry about them getting curtains dirty or wrapping themselves up in the curtains and pulling them off the wall (not that it has ever happened to me..ha). As for the higher window, I've got nothing.

  3. girl, I am crazy ocd when it comes to things being centered and balanced. If it were me, I'd actually have your husband get a piece of wood that will stretch from stud to stud and then hang the tv centered from the wood "mount'. If it's going to show anyway make that decorative by painting it a contrasting color


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