Thursday, July 28, 2011

baby shoes in shadow box, tissue poms

Update: I'm linking this post up to Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge.

I finally found Princess's baby shoes. I've been wanting to make some type of memento with them, so when I saw this picture on Pinterest a few months ago I knew that was the perfect project.

I used some trellis fabric I had in my stash, and some leftover ricrac and pompoms from trimming the roller shade in her room.  As always when I attempt crafty things, putting all this together was more difficult than anticipated.

I originally liked this arrangement best.

 I really liked the juxtaposition of the girly patent leather with the beat-up sneakers, and that's really who my Princess is--she loves pink girly things but will not hesitate to use the People's Elbow on her brothers.  Unfortunately, I put all this together, glued it down, and then shut the door.

Ruh roh.

It was a bit of a pain getting all the hot glue off the fabric.

Eventually I settled on the row at the bottom with only the smaller shoes.  That left a large expanse up top, so guess what, now everyone knows that Princess's name is not actually Princess.

I also added some tissue poms over Princess's crib.

I ordered the poms from Party Poms on etsy. They have a lovely selection of colors.  The poms come assembled but unfluffed, so you have to gently peel back each layer to make the ball.  Ten poms took me two hours over the course of two days (no one ever lets me sit down for a few hours without interruption around here), and I ripped a bunch.  But I think they came out lovely in the end.

Almost done, folks.  I have one blank wall that I am unsure of what to do with, and then (sometime in the next six months, I'm sure), the big reveal!


  1. It looks adorable. And I really like the pom-pom things.

    Looking great!

  2. I am saving baby shoes too! Yours is lovely. Mine will be done in 2012, because Baby Girl has to grow out of some more shoes first.

  3. Your room is so cute, I love the curtains and pom poms along with those cute shoes!


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