Monday, July 4, 2011

Mah back ache, my booty shake*

Oh, invisible internet friends, have you missed me as much as I have missed you?  I still do not have the magical internet connection thingy, but the Mister did some dohickey thingy to my cell phone and it provides the magical internets, yay!  Internet service guy coming tomorrow, hopefully.

We are all moved in to our new house, and it is lovely.  Except for the kitchen.  The kitchen and I are not getting along.  But otherwise! Its a lovely house.  It has a backyard, and a big garage I have filled with stuff, and a basement I have also filled with stuff, and an attic playroom, also filled with stuff.  The attic playroom will be culled in the near future, because gah, the toys seem to have multiplied like rabbits on the drive over.

We are 98% unpacked!  The remaining unpacked stuff is in the basement.  I have been through every box, but the stuff not yet unpacked is largely artwork and tchotchkes, which will remain unpacked until I figure out places to put them.  I had grand plans involving a large Expedit for tchochtke display and our television in the living room, but I was foiled by the tv mounting hardware not being large enough and thus, no tchotchkes and same old boring wall-mounted tv over our campaign dresser.  I am very disappointed by this but I will just have to soldier on.

The previous tenant "reinstalled" the cheap miniblinds that were supposedly there when he moved in.  Except he only "reinstalled" the blind in the living and dining room, and didn't put the cap hardware on, and thus any attempt to use the blinds results in them falling on your head.  This is better than the other two floors of the house, where he placed the blinds on the floor in front of the window but neglected to leave any of the mounting hardware.

Since we weren't anticipating replacing every single window covering in the house on moving day, we went to Home Depot and got roller shades cut to size for all the upstairs windows (nine in all).  They are cheaper than bamboo blinds but nicer than those crappy miniblinds.  I measured all the windows at 6 am and we were off.

Except I measured all the windows at the bottom. Where there was some fancy molding.  Not at the top, where they would actually be installed. (It was 6 am on the morning after the world's longest move ever, cut me a break.) So I cut to size nine roller shades wayyyyy too short.  I couldn't exactly take them back and tell them to cut them longer, so our blackout shades were installed with some spare scrap wood (oh, Sarah, btw, I may have used the frame to the Marimekko wall hanging to hang up my roller blades), and now the blackout shades are at least an inch too short all around.  I will just have to keep the curtains pulled to an inch inside the frame.

My kitchen....oh, my kitchen.  (This is getting long, I know, and without pretty pictures to keep you entertained. I'll try to wrap up in a sec.)  So, when I rented the house without ever showing it to the Mister, I had a list of things we wanted, and they were good schools, walk to train, central air, 3 bedrooms, minimum 1.5 baths, a playroom, and a yard.  This house fit all of that criteria.  However, its a turn of the century side hall colonial, and while it has a lot of "large" storage, like a basement and a garage, it has very little small storage, like closets, or kitchen cabinets.  I knew this, and since this house is temporary, decided to deal with the trade-off.

For the life of me I cannot figure out where previous tenants stored their pots and pans in the kitchen.  For a person who does not like cooking, I have a fair amount of cooking accoutrements, but seriously, I would have to give away all of my pots and pans save one, and that one would have to be stored on the top of the stove.  There is not a single cabinet in the kitchen deep enough to accomodate a stockpot.  WTH??

Here is my current pot and pan (and lids and colanders and serving dish) storage:

See that large moving box? Its labeled "glassware."  There were nine boxes labeled "glassware" by the movers.  I own 8 glasses. Apparently "ceramics tchotchkes" and "dishes" and "tupperware" are "glassware" to movers.  

I want to show you all pictures of the house, but while everything is unpacked, nothing is decorated, or styled, no artwork hung, etc.  So maybe a glimpse or two soon, but there probably won't be big reveals until I find a handyman to install stuff, because the Mister is going back to work tomorrow.  But! I am super excited at the way the Princess's room is coming together, and I have a chiang mai project for my bedroom that I can't wait to get started on.

There is more, invisible internet friends, so much more, but its past my bedtime and I need some sleep.  Hopefully in the next few days I will be back to my regular near-daily posting schedule and commenting.

*Someone please bring a videocamera to camp, I need the rest of the lyrics to that song.  We've been singing that one line for a year now. To the left, to the right, to the left....

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  1. ooh, the outside at least is very pretty. I can't wait to see more.

    Can you put a pot rack up somewhere? I have one from IKEA ($7.99) that I hang across the top of two cabinets over the sink, but if your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling you can also get the kind that hang down from the ceiling. My pot rack is a life saver.


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