Thursday, July 21, 2011

wide-striped curtains

I've been hunting curtains for my bedroom for a while.  I'd love to get some chiang mai dragon curtains, but at $2500 (you should have SEEN the look on the Mister's face when I casually suggested dropping two and a half grand on CURTAINS), that's not happening.

I've been thinking about a really wide stripe curtain.  Of course,  its not available in stores.  Almost all of the pictures I am about to show you are either DIY or to the trade.

So, since they are not in stores and my prior attempts at painting fabric have turned out not so great, I am thinking of hacking a set of striped shower curtains.  A shower curtain is only 72 inches long, usually, but I could attempt to Stitch Witchery some contrasting fabric to the bottom, no?

Crafting--despite years of failed projects, hope springs eternal.  


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  2. I love these too. I just blogged about the curtains in the last pic. Like you, I try one failed craft project after another. You would die if you saw the "handcrafted" curtains in my daughter's room...but I just keep trying. Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Go for it! I love your crafty ideas. :-)

  4. why dont you just buy a few extra shower curtains andand extend the length by doubling up. i think it would be easy to match up the pattern since it is stripes.

    xo Jessica

  5. Oh, I love the idea of wide-striped curtains! Good idea!


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