Monday, July 18, 2011

Ikea spice rack = great shelving

After seeing this picture on Pinterest, I picked up some Ikea spice racks for Princess's room.

I liked the natural wood tone, but you could easily paint them (as the inspiration picture did).  I like them so much I went back and picked up some more for the boys room, and a few for my kitchen, where it actually might hold a spice or two.

Princess's room is nearly done.  I ordered some stuff for over the crib that I'm waiting on, I need to find a small lamp for her dresser, and I had a project planned for her baby shoes....but I can't find the baby shoes.  I know I packed them, but they have yet to make an appearance.  The big reveal will have to wait until I search the garage for these shoes.


  1. What a great idea. I love what you've shown of the room so far!

  2. Oh,I LOVE LOVE LOVE Princess's room. So awesome

  3. I love these! As a former teacher, I MUST do this in Emma's room!

  4. Those spice racks make great shelves! I love this idea :).


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