Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July weekend

Today we decided to take the 4.5 year old (he'll be five in September) to a movie for the first time.  We got a sitter, put the younger two down for naps, and off we went to see Toy Story 3.  

I read the schedule wrong, and apparently the 11:30 showing was in 3D, and the regular showing was at noon.  Since we had a limited amount of babysitting, we said, ok, what the hell, 3D it is. 

Two adults and one child for a matinee showing of a 3D movie?




That does NOT include popcorn! That was merely to walk in the door!

FIFTY-FIVE dollars later (small popcorn, bottle of water, pack of sourpatch gummies, and much grumbling under the breath), we walk into the theater.  The 4 year old is not digging it.

In fact, the 4 year old heads straight under his seat and starts to cry. Its dark! Its scary! I don't like it! Lets go home!

For fifty-five freaking dollars, we are staying. Here, sit in my lap, have some popcorn. 

Sniff, sob, ok, I will hide my face in your neck and blindly cram popcorn into my mouth and down your dress.

The screen finally comes on and the movie previews start.  The sound is blasting incredibly loud.  The 4 yr old is now in my lap, face in my neck, both hands over his ears.

Ok, time to leave! I asked for (and got) my money back, so we were only out $15 for overpriced popcorn, which he ate in the car on the way to Target, where he picked out seeds to plant in our garden.  We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and had two avocado rolls.  He had a blast.  We'll see Toy Story 3 when it comes out on dvd.

Other tidbits from the weekend:

we moved the furniture and ripped down wallpaper in Grandma's house:

built yet another Ikea Expedit bookshelf, and look, its cluttered already!

washing mommy's feet:

washing cars:

played with shoes:

I have a picture of his auntie in a similar pose in a parking lot at the Baltimore airport 15 years ago, if only I could find it:

played peekaboo:

We see alot of this face lately.  What's that? Its Sunday? Waah. The sky is blue? Waah.  Mommy is turning 36 soon? Waaaaaaah.  Such a cheerful young man.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. ha! i know exactly the picture you refer to, i'm sure i have it too. made me smile - glad it runs in the family - even if i was 20, not 4 when the picture was taken ;)

  2. oh geez...I have a picture of myself doing that same pose as well (I was also 20...not 4). It really DOES run in the family...


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