Tuesday, July 6, 2010

in which I talk a long time about deodorant

Today I went to Rite Aid to buy some Benadryl and deodorant.  I use Sure Max Clinical Strength. Or I did, until they discontinued it without telling me. 

This has now happened to me FIVE times.  I find a deodorant I like, use it for a year, and they discontinue it.  (This seems to happen to me with hairdressers, too--every time I find one I like they move, go on a year long maternity leave, etc.) What gives? 

The past few days has been spent looking fruitlessly for Sure Max deodorant.  Drugstore.com doesn't have it. Amazon has some, but its unscented, and that's yucky.  Being dry but stinky isn't quite what I'm looking for. 

There's some on Ebay, but its expired.  Did you know that deodorant expires?  I didn't.  I just looked at the one I have left, and it expired a few months ago.  So I may have to buy a whole bunch on Ebay and have a big expired stash of deodorant, like Elaine hording the Sponge.  You'll know by the way I smell whether I find you deodorant-worthy. 

As I was looking for deodorant at Rite Aid, I encountered an entire wall of deodorant under lock and key. You have to ask an employee to get you the deodorant.  My phone is not taking pictures anymore, or I would have documented this idiocy.

Can someone explain this to me?

The pregnancy tests, the baby formula, the diapers, any medication you want.....all out in the open.  Only the deodorant is locked up.  Any meth addict can come in and buy a ton of Sudafed and make himself some crank, but deodorant, that's locked up tight. 

When we first moved up here, we bought a few items at the local Target that someone else had bought and fraudulently returned their used item in.  For example, we bought a new microwave, got it home, and found someone's skanky used microwave from 1983 in the box.  We also got deodorant, got up to the counter, noticed the box looked a little banged up, opened up to make sure it was a new deodorant....and it wasn't.

That's right, someone bought a new deodorant, put their used up deodorant back in the box, and returned it.  That's the kind of klassy people up here.  But still, I fail to see how the locking up the deodorant solves this problem.  Or what purpose locking up the deodorant actually serves.  Anyone?


  1. OH the deoderant people do that to me too! I like the suave clinical strength deoderant...so don't start using it! If we are BOTH using it I'm sure it will be off the shelves in a week!

  2. just wandered onto your blog by way of emily smith (ithink ??) hysterical blog about the deodorant and i love your style!! out of the foyers i clicked on yours cause it was one of the few that had color, Yay! thanks for the laughs, i'll be back


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