Thursday, July 15, 2010

mother in law's dining room reveal: Part I

I've been working on this room for months. Yes, months.  Slowly we have removed a number of pieces from the room and found them good homes elsewhere in the house, or sold them at a garage sale.

My inlaws like a very formal, tradtional, ornate style, and we did not buy any new furniture for the room.  Almost everything in the room were things that they already had.  We bought some new curtains, a rug, mirrors and frames. 

The dining room had a peach and rose wallpaper before, with a red oriental rug, and tons of furniture. We took out the buffet, an armoire, two small side tables, two small liquor tables, and a lot of small pieces of art.  We took down the wallpaper, painted, put up chair molding.  The room went from being a very busy, crowded room, to a spacious, quiet, elegant space.

I know the pictures are a bit dark, but turning on the new chandelier gave a large glare on all the new reflective surfaces in the dining room, and there won't be lights in the living room for another stick with me here.  The pictures of the living room in the next post have better lighting.

I included a cost breakdown at the end of the living room post here.

You can see an entire post on the before view here, but here are two pics of the dining side of the room before:

the far wall:

And now the dining room looks like this:

the old rug

the new rug:

the botanical wall

the old chandelier

the new chandelier

the new chair fabric

the new mirrors on either side of the china cabinet

 Part II: the living room, coming up next.


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