Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sneak peek at MIL's living room

I've been working like crazy on my mother in law's living room.  We've gotten wallpaper down, painted the entire room, rearranged the furniture, taken out a lot of stuff, and are now looking for accessories.  The big project left is putting up the chair molding....we can't put the dining room furniture back in the dining room until the chair molding goes up, hopefully by this weekend when the Mister has a chance to do it. 

our paint sample collage:

dining room waiting for chair molding:

there will be a wall of botanical prints:

the hands of a manual laborer. Note the large bruise and cut on my thumb. I have bled for this design.  I didn't take a picture of the giant cut on my other hand.  As an aside, as I get older I feel like I have lost the pretty dainty hands of my youth and gained man-hands instead.  

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