Monday, July 19, 2010

visiting the family

This past weekend we drove down to my parents house to spend some time with the family.

The little guy sang the Muppet Theme song over and over again...inpsirational, celebrational, muppetational, this is what we call the Muppet SHOW!!!!! He's singing that song as I write this, actually. 

We saw my beautiful niece (Denise!). My sister bought matching outfits for Marsha and Denise and man, they are cute together.

Denise was passed around.  Who doesn't love to hold a new baby?

My mom's birthday was last week, and mine was a few days ago, so, we had a birthday cake.  The kids were very excited for the singing and blowing of candles.

Uncle JP read stories:

Its a bit of a family tradition to buy birthday cards that in some way mock the recipient for how old they are. One of the best cards we got (I don't recall who got it, but I think the recipient was my father) was "should we light the candles on your cake, or should we just set fire to the lawn?"  I got my first "you're so old" card when I was eight.

We sat in traffic with a dinosaur on the way home.

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