Friday, July 9, 2010

wainscoting made easier

I am helping my mother in law redo her living room and dining room space, and for months she has been wanting to do wainscoting in the dining room.  I felt that we could easily put up a chair molding (well, not easily, but I think our limited woodworking skills could probably get it done), but that wainscoting was more trouble than I wanted to get into.  Not that the concept is difficult, simply that we don't own a miter saw or a pneumatic hammer or a T square.

However!! While at Lowes for the 87th time this week, what should to my wandering eye should appear but these beauties:

Ready-made wainscoting!  You just open it and nail it to the wall!!  It comes in small, medium and large boxes.

Yes, it is much more expensive than buying molding and doing it yourself.  The smaller box was about $10, the larger box is about $15. Considering I am doing a space that is 13 x 17, that's going to add up.  If you have a miter saw  or a miter box and lots of patience, you could make your own wainscoting for probably $20 worth of supplies.  But, if you are ham-fisted and wood-workingly incompetant, like me (I can't hang anything straight), don't own a miter saw and just want to do things the easy way, I think this is a great product!

I will let you know how it goes after we put it up.

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