Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the length of my skirts

Many, many, many moons ago, when I was about 14 or 15, my Catholic high school had a dress down day, where you could pay $1 for a good cause and in return wear an outfit other than the school uniform.  On the appointed day, I tarted myself up in a pair of black tights, puffy royal blue sweatshirt with black squiggles, low black heels, and a short, tight, black spandex skirt that could have doubled as a tube top. (This was about 1990, you know. That outfit was hot then.)  I sauntered downstairs in my sexiness.

"Absolutely not," my mother said. "You look like a prostitute."

I could not have been that prostitute-y, since my upper half was swathed in a puffy sweatshirt, but the lower half....well.  I ran into the living room and confronted my father.  "Do you like this outfit?"

"That outfit looks fine.....(short pause)....on someone else's daughter."

I whirled around to see my mother standing behind me, making a slashing motion at her neck.  Nice save, Daddy.

These days, I could be mistaken for Laura Ingalls. My knees rarely see daylight.  I like shirts that come to the elbow.  I wear a camisole under v-neck shirts. My wrists and ankles still see daylight, but that's about it.  

Today I am wearing gauchos.  For the love of Pete, would someone bring back the gauchos.  Mine are getting ratty and I can't find any in stores to replace them.  T-shirt material, below the knees, soft, comfy, non-restricting, what's not to love:

My dresses generally hover an inch or two below the knee:

But yesterday, in a fit of madness, I bought a short skirt.

Why yes, those are my knees.

Its a weird feeling.  Knees are not covered! The skirt is a swishy, flirty little number! Everything feels the breeze!

I think its going back to the store.

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  1. OK, so Lands End used to sell those gaucho-things in t-shirt material. If they don't sell them anymore then it is time to either break out the sewing machine again or else find a different style?

    J Jill sells them or used to sell them in their wearever fabric. Don't know if they still do.

    And, though I love you dearly, I find the gaucho phase quite amusing. You know why. They are getting a bit close to pleated pants. I am saying that from the comfort of my cropped jeans, which seem to be my own summer outfit. Even when it is really hot out they are pretty comfortable (and remember that my hormones are 7 years older than yours, i.e. I really don't do hot very well). If you go the cropped jeans route, just get some that are as high quality as the pillows. I recommend Lucky. XO.


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