Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On the occasion of my 36th birthday

Today I am 36.

My friend Tanya said, "you're now closer to 50 than you are to 20." 

Ouch.  Here I was depressed that I was closer to 40 than I was to 30. 

I had a very nice birthday.  Both children napped at the same time (woohoo!) and I read a delightfully vapid romance novel, where the romatic lead was referred to as Don Romeo Ortiz Ortega.   Every. Single. Time. 

I had a lovely lunch at the Crab House with my mother in law, and perused some fun magazines and books at Barnes and Noble.  I came across this book by Suzanne Kasler, who you might have seen a few months styling the Ballard Designs catalogue.  Her book was gorgeous, but $50.  I found it on Amazon for $30, so I bought that as a birthday present to myself. 

And then there was cake!  The boys helped Grandma make a cake, which was delicious. 

There were presents!  The Mister and I bought new phones for our birthdays a few weeks ago, so I was not expecting any presents.  But, apparently the Mister occasionally reads the blog, for remember this post about pillows?  Look what showed up today!

Open the box, what's inside?

Beautiful pillows!!!  Soooooooo loving these pillows!

The 2 yr old has been put to bed for the night, but is yelling in his crib "Hey hey, ho ho, this here pigeon just won't go!" (to bed, for those of you who have not read Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.). 


I am waaaayyyy  hating my sofa.   After the Great Vomiting Illness of 2009 and the Potty Training of 2008, the 3 large rips that were repaired but are unraveling, this 10 year old sofa has seen better days.  I hate the ugly purple color.  I also hate the back cushions that squish down into flat pancakes when you sit on them. 

As an aside, I want a pretty sofa in a lighter color, but I will admit that this sofa definitely hides dirt and...other stuff. Like a few weeks ago, the 4 year old had a runny nose.  I watched him rubbing his nose, then he walked over to the sofa, planted his face on the arm of the sofa, and walked his face down the entire length of the sofa.  He used my sofa as a hanky.

You all really want to come visit me and sit on my sofa now, don't you. 

A few months ago I bought a Pottery Barn loosefit slipcover, which can be pretty much described as a giant dropcloth.  I am not a huge slipcover fan, but I can't stand this sofa, so I figured a white slipcover would at least lighten up the space.  Which it does.  It also looks terribly sloppy, in my opinion. 

I hope to buy a new sofa next spring.  I had big plans to buy one this year, but we decided to take a trip to Italy this summer to visit the Mister's 89 year old grandmother. The cost of taking 7 people to Italy is the equivalent of 7 sofas.  So, next year. I hope.

Here's a poll:

Keep the sloppy white slipcover?

Skip the slipcover and sit on the ugly sofa in all its aubergine glory?

Leave your vote in the comment section.  Since my two readers are my sisters, I may have to grab a stranger off the internet to break a tie vote.


  1. Lovely pillows! The Mister sure is smart :-)

    And I'm going with NO slipcover. It's reminding me of those old abandoned houses where they cover the furniture with cloths before leaving. It's sad and forlorn looking. (OK...maybe not THAT bad...but I prefer the snotty goodness of the sofa without the slipcover).

  2. Leave the slip cover, at least you can wash it when the kids use it as a snot rag

  3. I once had a slipcover on my couch because it was old and covered in flowers. Tucked in it didn't look bad, but the problem was that it always had to be tucked in. It was like having a second job. Eventually I just dealt with ugly. In your case I don't think your couch is ugly at all. If you think it's dirty hire carpet cleaners to come out and steam clean it, then keep the cover on for the kids and remove it for company. My kids use my couch as a tissue and a napkin as well. I am always wiping it down. Drives me insane.

  4. you knew my opinion before you wasted your money on the slipcover - slipcovers are lame.


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