Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a Tuesday list

1.  Conversation this weekend:
  Babysitter: I love you, Peter.
Peter: I only love my mom.

2. There are no less than three people in our neighborhood who I see running barefoot on a regular basis.  ????? This is not the wilds of the Yucatan. They aren't even running on the grassy median in the middle of the street; they are running barefoot on the pavement.  Explain this to me.

Also weird: the two steroided guys who walk around the walking path backwards and shirtless. I see them every afternoon. Shirtless I understand, the backwards thing, not so much.

3.  We were almost thrown out of Supercuts last night.  No one was around to keep the Princess, so I took all 3 kids with me.  I don't know what possessed me.

I do not let my kids run amok in public places. Every time we get out of the car we have a chat about the rules.  The Rules are 1) stay with mommy, 2) don't touch anything, 3) don't talk about Fight Club.  I called ahead to make sure there wasn't a wait, but there was by the time we got there, 8 minutes later.

I didn't let my kids touch the shampoo display, but the kids stood in front of it and looked at it, and the receptionist kept saying "oh honey, don't touch that stuff, go sit with your mom!" about four hundred times.  Even though my kids were not touching their stuff.  Don't put your hands on the window glass, don't put your feet on the seat, be quiet, don't touch the magazines, etc. This girl was about 18, btw.  And she frosted us with her evil glare the entire time we were there, and gave us lots of heavy sighs.

And then they punished poor Peter for having the gall to look at the shampoo display by giving him a bad haircut.  Its crooked and the top part kind of looks like they trimmed around a bowl.  But he has a cape and so he doesn't really care.

4. Halloween costumes are giving me agita. 

5. Its hard to get Greg to pose for a picture, but here's one.  This kid is so darn cute.


  1. WHAT?!!? You took your KIDS to SUPERCUTS? What's next? Chuck E. Cheese? What a b*tch.

    Your Fight Club line made me giggle ;)

  2. A - Barefoot running is the latest "thing" with running. It's supposed to be more "natural" and better for your form because you don't have the cushion of shoes throwing off your stride. I don't buy into it but it's got a big following.

    B - I can't believe you paid for Peter's haircut (but he's so cute he makes it look good :-P)

    C - Greg is a handsome guy!


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