Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Color: flesh-like.

Our foyer is cursed.  It sucks the beauty out of every single paint color we put in there. The original color was a hideous mustard. That current blue sears my eyeballs.  Now, Kilim Beige, a beautiful neutral in every other room I have put it in  in the last three houses we have lived in, has turned into a fleshy bandaid color. 

So pretty, so pale and creamy in the paint tray.

So ugly, so Band-aid-like on the wall.

I even tried the pale greenish-white that we used in my mother in law's living room--see that patch up there on the left---and it too looked like a band-aid!  Its greenish white! The other is beige!  And yet they both look the same, and in the same crappy way! 

My mother inlaw, sensing weakness, dragged me to a wallpaper store.  That wallpaper store apparently was torn down, so we drove fruitlessly up and and down Route 46 as my babysitting time slipped away.  She said "perhaps we could do a pretty stencil?"


One trellis stencil coming right up!

No way, no how is this going to be finished by Saturday.  Everyone coming to Peter's birthday party, please shut your eyes upon entering the foyer. You may reopen when you get to the top of the stairs.

I am leaning towards the brown on the far left. 

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  1. What a great idea a stencil is! Are you doing the whole wall with it? I tend to gravitate toward darker, earth tones, so I like the brown or the maroon (?) one next to it.


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