Sunday, October 31, 2010

new blankies

The shrunken too short capri pants blanket is driving me a bit nuts.  Seeing as I spent last night with the blanket only covering my right half.  I want a new blankie.  And you know what that means....redecorating!  Redecorating a room I just finished in February.

I don't think I've ever posted the entire bedroom.  Actually, its quite pretty. The Mister says "I really like the bedroom the way it looks now.  Lets just leave it that way?"  If I were adequately covered at night I might consider it.

We are a bit quirky about our blanket requirements.  The Mister does not like heavy blankets, or anything that would keep us too warm. (I would like to be warm.  This occasionally presents a problem.)

 I do not like duvets.  Unfortunately, duvets have the prettiest designs, and I've tried on three different occasions to use them, but they suck and I hate them.  They are sloppy looking and the blanket slides all around inside them, even if you use the little clip or tie thingies in the corners. duvets.  No comforters, because they are too heavy.  This leaves us with quilts and high heating bill.

Quilts have their own problems....most quilts are a little too country in design.  Thus, I shop and shop and shop for blankets. I also frequently fall in love with new bedding.  Its such an easy thing to switch and get a whole new look for a room.

I have loved this Tea Garden chinoiserie quilt since Pottery Barn had it a few years ago.  Its discontinued but it continues to pop up on Ebay.

I looooove this pattern from Garnet Hill, but alas, its a stupid duvet:

This one is from Bed Bath and Beyond:

I love that bird throw pillow.  Its got turquoise, orange, and greens going on but its not overpowering.....I should probably just buy the pillow.

None of these blankets go with the current color scheme of green and aqua in the bedroom, btw.

And as long as we are talking about things I want in my bedroom, I love this headboard.


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