Monday, October 25, 2010


Many years ago, I took my younger sister to a college tour day at University of Delaware, in Newark, DE.  If you've never been to Newark, its pronounced new-ARK (not NEW-ark, like the city in NJ).  The dean gave a talk welcoming everyone, and trotted out this joke, as I'm sure he does every year at college tour day:

"A family came here to visit the college, and afterwards went to get something to eat.  The dad asked a woman at the restaurant to please tell them exactly where they were, very slowly and carefully, as they were confused about the pronunciation.  The woman very slowly and very carefully said "BUR...GER....KING."

Hardy-har-har!  Actually, its become somewhat of a family joke, if you are acting stupid, to say "Bur...ger...King."  

This morning, I went to Sherwin Williams to pick up some paint for the foyer. (I am so sick of painting that foyer.)   Most name brand paint stores will color-match other brands of paint, if you ask them.  The manager at this store is very nice and has frequently color matched other paints for me.

I walked in and asked the young man behind the counter to give me a gallon of Benjamin Moore satin Decorator White and a gallon of semi-gloss Clinton Brown.  He looked at me like I was the world's biggest idiot.

"You know you're at SHER...WIN...WILL...IAMS, right?"

I find that as I get older, stupidity enrages me far more quickly than it used to.

I gave him a cocked eyebrow and said "Yes?"  And stared at him.

"We don't have Benjamin Moore paint."

"Yes, you do. Go ask your manager."

Half an hour (!) later I finally had my "decorative" white and "clicking" brown.


  1. He totally made the joke four years later when I toured UD...except he changed it to MC. DON-ALDS. It just didn't have the same sense of stupidity :-)

  2. Wow, how rude! But makes for a pretty entertaining story (now that you have your BM paint!).


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