Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Desk chairs, fixed

so...remember the desk chairs I ruined

I never did toss them to the curb.  I love the shield back, and just couldn't bring myself to throw them away.  So they sat in the garage for a while. Last week we cleaned out the garage, trying to tidy up, and the Mister walked them out to the curb. No!!! No! Bring them back!! I will fix them!

I sat down with a scrub sponge with some dish soap and water, and gave the chairs a good scrubbing.  The dried Citrustrip came right off.  I let them dry in the sun for a day, then sanded them again to smooth out the paint surface. 

I spray painted them with a few coats of Krylon Leather Brown. I think this will be my last spray paint project for a while, seeing as I paint outdoors and temps have been hovering in the fifties lately.

I was shopping at Target and liked this shower curtain.

 It was a thick material, went with the curtains, had a nice graphic print...so I used it to recover the seat cushions.

And here they are:

I like the shield backs much better than the mission chairs I was using at the desk.

I also splurged and bought new hardware for the cabinet under the desk:

The mission chairs are currently living on the other side of the living room...but I have a feeling that I will move them back into the turret.  I think the one looks great under the mirror, but its too close to the craft closet.  The other one by the tv...well...eh.


  1. Wow - the chairs turned out GREAT! I love the shower curtain pattern you used, and I would never have thought of using that material for a seat covering. Genius!

  2. I love how the chairs turned out.


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