Monday, October 4, 2010

I don't feel like repainting it

Today I painted the downstairs foyer. My inlaws have a two family house, and we rent the upstairs apartment.  The downstairs foyer  leads to both apartments and to the basement, so its a shared space.  I didn't remember to take good "before" pictures, although I got a few. (I took these after I had already started painting.)

The paint color we started with was a mustard-ish tan.  It was not a horrible color, but when the previous tenant moved out, the movers did a terrible job and ripped giants gouges in the stairwell wall and broke the bannister.(You can kind of see the gouges in the right side wall above.)  My inlaws also had the front door replaced, but the installers also did not such a great job, leaving behind multiple scratches and gouges around the door, and left lots of spackle spots in the molding. 

My mother in law has a beautiful seascape painting hanging in the foyer, and the tiles are a very 70s crosshatch brown, so I thought I'd pull some light blue from the painting and use that as our paint color.  I did not do a sample (dumb!) because I used the BM Teardrop Blue that I used on the interior of my bookshelves in my dining room. Its a pale, pretty aqua.  At least, it is in my bookshelves. 

In the foyer, however, Teardrop Blue is BRIGHT AQUA BLUE. Not soft, pretty blue. No, its waaaay brighter than anticipated.

It may not look heinously bright in this picture, but trust me, it is. It also looks garishly bright against the red oriental rug and stair runner. 

I told my mother in law I would just repaint it a softer tan color, because, wow, it is bright, but she said no, she likes it.  I think she is just being kind.  She is always trying to get me to sit down and take a rest when I paint things.  I think that the walls certainly look better with the gouges filled in and all the spackle covered up, but I am really not excited about this paint color. 

I am not excited about repainting because painting the stairwell was not that easy.  Especially at the top, I had to stand on a stool and lean out into the stairwell, holding onto the door molding, in order to reach above the door.  This looks safe, does it not?

I'm in no rush to do that again.

I have thought of ripping up the stair runner and painting the stairs, but these are the only stairs into the apartment, and that seems time consuming and would mean I could not leave the house (or get into it) for a few days and that seems like more effort than I want to commit to.

Or I could just live with it.  :-/ 


  1. It looks so pretty in the pictures!

  2. It does look pretty in the pictures, but I know how hard it is to capture paint color color: our bright orange bathroom walls look either MELON or NEON in every photo.

    At the bakery where I used to work, we had a policy that we didn't do "do-overs" until some time had passed. That is, if we burned the eleventy-million peanut butter cookies we'd been working on all morning, we didn't sigh and start over: we worked on something else, and did the peanut butter cookies the next day. Better for morale that way. With paint, it's even more frustrating than peanut butter cookies---maybe wait a week.


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