Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why doesn't he park that Maserati in the garage?

On our daily walk we pass by a house a few blocks from here that usually has a Porsche, a Maserati, and a Mercedes suv in the driveway.  Last month this guy seemed to have traded in the Porsche and the Mercedes for another Maserati.

We have always wondered why he does not keep his Maserati (or Porsche, or Mercedes, or other Maserati) in his two car garage.  Its a pretty fancy car, wouldn't you keep it in the garage?

The garage door was open today.  The garage is full of Ferraris.

(I was driving by, saw that the garage was open, drove around the block and crept back...trying to take a pic with my phone from across the street all inconspicuous-like, while Mr. Maserati-Ferrari guy was working on his cars in the garage. Hence the less-than-stellar picture quality.)


  1. Geez, must be nice! And all I want is a used minivan ;)

  2. It's like that bumper sticker ("my other car is a Ferrari")...except his really is!


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