Thursday, June 16, 2011

bedroom progress, of a sort

My bedroom is going in a very direction from the original moodboard.

I'm not the only this happens to, right?  You all make up 9 moodboards (ahem) for your bedroom and then go with the one you couldn't figure out curtains for, right?

No, no, me neither! (coughcough)

Ok, so maybe I did.  If anyone has seen the most awesome coral fabric in the world that happens to be under $10 that would make great curtains to go with the chiang mai pattern, feel free to send them along.  


  1. I'm very into the aqua/orange design combo lately, and that Jonathan Adler set inspired a momentary "Wait, I need to redecorate the guest room right? Right?" thought. All delicious, though in reality I'd end up with something most like the first or last, simplest options.

  2. I haven't seen any inexpensive fabric, but I did think of you when I saw this bedding.

    I saw it in person (not at Macy's) and it's really nice looking. Beautiful coral with some neutrals.


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