Sunday, June 5, 2011

orange moodboards for the boys

I discussed all of my rug options in this post, and rather than trying to make the zebra rug work in the Princess's room, I'm going to use it in the boys' room.  Honestly, I had no intention of redoing the boys' room; I was simply going to take everything they already have and move it into the new place.


An opportunity has presented itself and who am I to ignore the hand of fate?

I've put together a few mood board for the boys, who are 5 and 3.  We have nearly everything in the mood boards already (rug, dressers, curtains); at most I would have to buy two new inexpensive plain comforters, and a few accessories.

Here's the easiest one to do--we already have everything (see their current room here) but the two prints and some ribbon trim.  In this version, I would keep their comforters, add some orange trim to white curtains we already own, and repaint a bookshelf we have.  The greek key trim is pretty expensive ($12 a yard), so I might try a plain orange grosgrain ribbon trim, or perhaps a pompom trim.

Rug: Orange Safari 5x8 rug from Overstock that doesn't work in the Princess's room

Dressers: Ikea Malm 6 drawer dressers, the boys each have one

I'd repaint a bookshelf we already have, but you can find the one in the board here.

I love the two art prints (here and here).  I'd love to add some positive, up-with-people happiness to their room. 

The comforter is from Target a few years ago, the photos I made, and the other sun art pieces were picked up in Costa Rica.  


I love a navy blue and orange combo.  I saw this photo a while ago and its been in my inspiration files ever since.  Here is a board inspired by that photo:

Bedding: I'd look for inexpensive twin navy comforters.  I've seen something similar at Target for about $30 apiece.

Curtains: those are from Bed Bath and Beyond, but I have orange curtains out in my garage.

Pillows: from Etsy (blue and orange), although I already have some orange pillows I'd use

Headboard: I'd make a padded headboard from this striped navy and white fabric, using this tutorial.

My boys are really into Batman and Spiderman right now. I'd get some small posters framed, and this Batman wall decal for over each of their beds, and maybe a Batman cuddle doll.


Lastly, a brown and orange combo, which lends itself to a more safari-type theme.   I will admit that this is my favorite.

In this version I would do a monogram wall decal with their names and initial in orange over their beds.

I'd paint the interior of the bookshelf a bright green for another pop of color.

The cardboard elephant would go over their dressers, and I'd bring in another ceramic elephant as well.

I *really* want to do one of these Cameroon juju hats, but since I have no desire to pay $$$$ for a real one I'd use this tutorial to make my own.

And voila! A whole new room I hadn't intended to redecorate.  I put it to a vote, and the boys (surprise, surprise) picked the navy with Batman.  


  1. I think #1 looks the best, and what a bonus that it just so happens to be the easiest to do. Not feeling the sun art pieces but I like the colors - over time, I'd swap those out for the elephants in #3.

    Re: #2, Navy comforters and sheets show every.blessed.stain, and generally fade their color too soon. BTDT. Pretty please just say no licensed-character-themed decor, says the mama of a son OBSESSED with buzz lightyear - so I understand where you're coming from and why it sort of sounds like a great idea now... but no. Instead, say yes to loads of licensed-character-themed toys, and lots of attractive containers to hide them in. ;)

    Re: #3, Not a fan of 99% of wall decals and seeing the child's name emblazoned on the wall over their bed. I like first initials though. Urban Outfitters has some industrial stencil letters here:,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=35&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_FURN_WALL&popId=A_DECORATE&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=&isSoldOut=#BVRRWidgetID

  2. I kind of like all of them. I like the navy/orange combo, but maybe Hush has a point about the bedding fading. That would be a bummer. I really like the Safari themed one also, but would the brown bedding fade as well? I know, I'm no help. I think I do like the last one the best as well though. How did you make these moodboards? I signed up with but I'm having trouble getting the hang of it.

  3. I made the moodboards with Powerpoint. I find it easier than polyvore or olioboard.

  4. All of those are great! You did a wonderful job pulling all the ideas together! Looks like no matter what you do, you have found a great solution to the orange zebra rug solution!

  5. oops -- zebra rug dilemma!

  6. I'm learning a lot just reading through your post and comments here . . .

    All 3 of these boards are inspiring. FWIW, I particularly like that you work in your kids' superhero preference in #2 - I remember as a kid really liking that there were a few things that were "mine" like that in my room. Of course, I'm also a sucker for that navy/orange combo, which is a chic way to say "boy" without being too macho.

    Room #3 is just stunning, and I'd like it as my bedroom decor as a (non-boy) 33-year old.

  7. Wow, I really LOVE that rug! We are redoing our upstairs and I am looking for something fun for my office. How did you feel the quality/sizing was on the rug? It's so cool!

  8. Nora Rose--The quality is actually pretty good--its a thick, wool rug. I haven't actually used it yet, so I can't speak to its durability, but it seems like a nice rug, esp for the price tag. It does seem a bit darker than the picture at Overstock. Its a dark, brick-ish orange, not a bright orange.


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