Wednesday, June 8, 2011

chiang mai dragon inspired master bedroom

I have had many many many ideas for my master bedroom, and haven't been able to pick among them.  I like navy, and coral, and orange, and lots of fabrics, and yet nothing seems to be jumping out at me saying "I AM THE ONE."

Well, actually, that's not entirely true.

I have loved Schumacher's chiang mai dragon fabric since the moment I saw it.  I can even remember the first time I saw it; it was a on an ottoman. I love the aqua colorway best, although I'd take any of the other colorways too.  Sadly, this beautiful material is to the trade only and retails for $206 per yard, so its not exactly the kind of fabric you run down to JoAnn's for and order a whole bunch.

This weekend I was thinking about my bedroom and how all the fabrics I like for curtains are over $30 per yard, which makes four panels (at about 14 yards total) kind of expensive.  And then a light bulb went off over my head.  Expensive!  Hell, I'll show you expensive!  Why get expensive fabric I merely like?  Why not get RIDONKULOUSLY expensive fabric that I LOVE???

I ran this past the Mister.  He said no.  Rather firmly.  

Regardless!  They WILL be mine.  Someday.  Until then, though, I came up with a chiang mai dragon inspired room.

1. The Schumacher fabric.  I could either get a yard of the Schumacher fabric and frame it, or a roll of the wallpaper and frame a triptych.  While still expensive, smaller pieces won't cost thousands like the curtains would.  Call your local designer, they can probably get to the trade fabrics for cheaper than the list price.  I called Bryn and she gave me a quote that was much cheaper.

2. White curtains with greek key trim.  These are discontinued Pottery Barn; you can find them on ebay.  Or you could make your own for way cheaper.

3. Green lamp and nightstand.  These are what we already have.  The green lamp was from Crate and Barrel and the nightstand is a hacked Ikea play table.  They will be making the move and will be reused.

4. DKNY Chrysanthemum navy quilt and shams, available at Bed Bath and Beyond. I like how this quilt is almost navy but is a bit lighter.

5. Chiang mai dragon pillow, available on etsy. A number of etsy sellers have chiang mai dragon pillows, just type it into the search box.

6. Green Brooke Madeline Weinrib rug. I'd need this in a 9x12 or so, so I'll probably look for something less expensive.  But this one is pretty.

7. Pier 1 honeycomb mirror (discontinued, but we already own it).

8. Dressers that we already have.

9. Orange foo dog, available on etsy.   My original plan was to do an orange room around the chiang mai fabric, but I liked the navy and green better.  


  1. Ha. I thought that said orange dog poo. I am apparently dyslexic.

    Very pretty otherwise!

  2. I want chiang mai, too! I think I will have to continue to swoon until I win the lottery . . . :)


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