Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday night entertainment: painting furniture!

Years ago, when I was young and pretty and employed, on Friday nights the Mister and I would go out to dinner.  We would sometimes meet friends for dinner on these social Friday nights, and wine was frequently imbibed.

Flash forward ten years, and the last five Friday nights have involved me and a gallon of paint and an unsuspecting piece of furniture.  Sadly, there isn't any wine involved.

I repainted my dressers.  For the 400th time.  The high gloss black was too shiny, and the black made the dressers look too heavy.  I painted the dressers Benjamin Moore Camouflage, which despite these pictures, is actually a soft, neutral greenish beige-ish sort of color.  The pictures make it look sorta washed out white, especially against the warm beige walls, but the next house will have white walls and you will all love it then.  It looks very klassy.

I also painted two lamps and my jewelry box navy blue, and the mirror orange. (You can see how everything used to look here. And yes, I know, the bedroom looked much more put together in that post, but bear with me, I'm moving in two weeks, and I haven't gotten everything together for this design yet.)

This mirror will be going in Princess's room, and I wanted the mirror to have a pinkish orange hue.  I attempted that with thin layers of spray paint, but the Mister gave it the thumbs down (see the upper quadrant in the picture below).  I also tried some Krylon Celery spray paint, but it looked terrible. (See the whitish patch on the upper right?) So I painted it orange.

This Friday night I'll be packing!  Next Friday night I'll be moving! Who says I don't know how to have a good time?

I really hope the lighting is better in the next house.  That or I finally figure out how to adjust the aperture.


  1. Well, you're still young and pretty. Just not so much with the "employed" part. :-)

  2. Everything looks great! I've got a lot of furniture painting that I have to tackle in the somewhat near future. Any tips?

  3. Tiff: Centsational Girl has a good post on painting furniture:

  4. I like the dressers- they look very classy- and the orange dresser is fabulous!


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