Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the musical fruit: our meals before moving

A few months ago those crazy kids over at Young House Love did a post on what they ate before they moved when selling their house.  They frugally ate down everything in their cupboard, including creative meals like Laughing Cow cheese on wasa crackers.  (What is a wasa cracker?)

In that vein, we will apparently be eating be beans for every meal from now till moving day.  And beyond.

I have a feeling the beans will be moving with us, and the pizza guy will be sorry to see us leave.

Anyone want to guess on how old the oldest expired item of food in our cabinets was? Anyone?

If you guessed FOUR YEARS ago, you'd be right.  You know this means that TWO years ago when we moved in here, we moved in with food that had already expired nearly two years prior.  (I had 3 kids under 4 the last time we moved, one of whom was 3 weeks old....purging before packing wasn't high on my list for that move.)


  1. Your musical fruits have nothing on our expiration dates here, lady; this impressive housewife recently found some Cream of Some Icky Vegetable soup from 2005 lurking in our cabinets. Take that, Martha!

    (That being said - 3 kids under 4 = my undying admiration. How? How???)

  2. Does it make you feel better or kind of scared that 4 years doesn't seem that old to me? I wouldn't be surprised if I had something older than that.


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