Thursday, June 2, 2011

lion head ring pulls, mah new purse

The lion head ring pulls came yesterday also.  I am in luuuuuurrve with these pulls.  


The UPS man brought many wonderful things yesterday.  The Mister also got me an unexpected, just-because-I-love-you present:

I have needed a new purse for a long time, but I have many Purse Rules, including but not limited to must have zippered top, must be large enough to hold 3 diapers and a baggie of wet wipes but yet is not so large as to be diaper-bag sized, must have interior zippered pockets, must have straps that are short enough to tuck purse firmly between elbow and ribcage, must be pretty color, and so on. The plethora of Purse Rules makes it difficult to find viable candidates.  I also usually refuse to spend more than $75 on a purse, even though I will wear it into the ground. My current purse is almost six years old and has holes in it.

The Mister somehow found a purse that followed all of my Purse Rules! I love that man. He is the sweetest.  He has great taste.

****UPDATE:  you can find the purse here, if you want one for yourself.


  1. The Mister does have good taste. First a couch now purse. You better step up your game here. :-P

  2. I love the pulls and the purse. I never remember that cool drawer pulls make a difference, but they really do. I need to be more experimental in my design stuff.

    My purse rules are the same as yours except that I like a longer strap. I love the yellow!

  3. Love those pulls - such a great find. They look great on the credenza!

  4. Those pulls are perfect! Love them.


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