Friday, June 3, 2011

orange rug FAIL

I ordered an inexpensive rug from Overstock for the Princess's room.  I really liked it.  And I still do...but not for her room.

The curtains go well with the orange dresser, and the curtains go well with the rug, but the rug and the dresser = no bueno.

The orange is much more brick-like than it looked on the website.  I can return the rug, but return shipping is almost $50. It appears I am the proud owner of an orange rug I don't have use for.

1. Put the rug in the garage, forget about it, sell it on craigslist, move on.  Still need a rug.

2. Use the orange zebra rug in the boys' room.  Its an option, but whoa, that's a lot of pattern in a room that already has a lot going on.  Very colorful.  I am more boring neutrals.  I had planned to move the brown trellis rug into the boys' room, as its a nice neutral rug with a bit of pattern but won't overwhelm the room, like an orange zebra would.

3. Use the brown trellis in Princess's room.

Meh.  The orange, the brown, the pink....its a possibility.  I think if I were to use the brown rug in her room I would paint the dresser pink, and forget about the orange.  (Sad face.)

4.  Repaint the dresser.....but what color?  If only I hadn't painted the damn thing it would have worked JUST FINE.

Black: too heavy.
Brown: BORING.
White: eh, white walls behind it.
Pink: not sure if it would go well.
Different orange: maybe.

Note to self: stop shopping and buying stuff until you actually get in the house.
Second note to self:  refrain from buying things you can't easily return.

5. I do have three of these Malm dressers.  I could take one of the unpainted ones in Princess's room with pink curtains and zebra rug.  (Of course this means I have to paint two dresser to match in the boys' room.)

6.  Put the zebra rug in the boys' room, comforters we already have, plain white curtains (its a bedsheet, use your imagination).

WAIT!!!  I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! (Can you tell I've been writing this post over the course of six hours, dragging the rug in and out of the room?)  

7.  Use zebra rug in boys room.  I have orange curtains from our old house in a similar color.  Buy two navy comforters, and voila, new boys room.

YES! THIS IS IT! I will expand on this in a separate post, I think, since this one is enormous already.  

8. You might note that numbers six and seven still leaves me needing to do something about the rug/dresser problem in Princess's room.  Well, at least I solved a problem I didn't even know we had.


  1. I was going to suggest painting the dresser a shade of green pulled from the drapes. But your idea is good too!

    Cassie {hi sugarplum}

    blogger comments isn't working for me, so I can't sign in! grrr

  2. I really like the orange rug in the boys room, but I was also going to suggest that you could do knobs on the orange dresser that match the orange of the rug to tie that color into the dresser.

  3. This post kind of reminded me of the theorems I used to write in geometry. They would kind of go on and on, and when I got to the bottom, I had proven something, just not usually the thing I was supposed to prove. God I sucked in that class.

    I'm sad Princess won't have that super awesome rug in her room. I say just paint the two dressers green for the boys and give her the rug and plain dressers. Then, you dont have to buy two new comforters :-P

  4. I wonder what the underside of the boys' bedspreads/quilts looks like? Is it a solid color under there? One that might look nice with less pattern play?

  5. the back of the blanket is the same multi-colored stripe that you can see at the bottom of the blanket. But, no worries, I have solved the zebra rug problem. I have a post with some moodboards coming on Monday.

    I am still at a loss as to what to do with Princess's room, tho. She is stuck with the brown that dresser needs to be a different color, probably.

  6. Hey, I'm considering buying that orange rug and I'm just curious what size it was that you ordered.

  7. OMG that boy's bed spread is AH-MAZING! where did you get it. Also you probably have already resolved this issue but I like option #2 but he would soon grow out of it...


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