Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my sister Sarah's living room

My sister Sarah will be moving into an apartment this fall.  She has a little bit of furniture in storage, but for the most part, needs to furnish almost an entire apartment from scratch.  She asked me to pull together some moodboards for her.  Of course I jumped at the chance!

She has a preference for modern furniture, but since we are furnishing an entire apartment all at once, she is also very fond of "free", even if its not modern in style.  For her living room, she owns a red sofa, and the walls are already painted a dark beige, so that was our starting point.

Here is the layout for the room:

If you're standing in the middle of the living room and looking towards the far wall with the tv:

(Pretend the sofa is facing the tv.)

The red, purple and green floral curtains will go on the front window. The Expedit units will go along the wall under the staircase, and will house books and items Sarah has collected on her travels.

Along the far wall will be the tv, on top of a midcentury credenza that we hope to find on craigslist.  Around the tv will be a gallery wall, using Ikea Ribba frames.  Instead of pictures, there will be quotes from song lyrics (inspired by this picture I saw on Pinterest). Maybe the entire wall will be the lyrics of Baby Got Back?  (Oh. My. God. Becky. Will you look at her....)  If Sarah can't come up with 10+ lyrics she likes, I will turn the wall into a shrine to her nieces and nephews, because we have plenty of pictures of them.

She is looking for a steamer trunk on craigslist to use as a coffee table.

I have a rug similar to this one that I am donating to this living room.

She bought the aqua chair on craigslist for $5.  We will attempt to recover or slipcover it. Eventually.

The back view of the room, towards the front door:

When you walk in the front door, this Ikea console will be along the side wall, with the Kandinsky print above it.  The console will be a nice place to put keys and purse, etc when entering the house, and there will probably be two storage ottomans or baskets beneath it for shoes and dog leashes.  The Kandinsky print was previously mine, and since it goes well with her sofa, I'm donating it to the cause.

She already owns a red sofa, and the pillows are from here, here and here.  Since its not a huge room, this table that tucks over the sofa will provide a place to put drinks but won't take up lots of additional floor space.

UPDATE: Feel free to leave your favorite song lyric in the comments.  Mine: "you ain't a beauty, but hey, you're alright" (Bruce Springsteen, Thunder Road.)


  1. A - My living room rocks!

    B- Do you REALLY think I'm going to have an issue coming up with 10+ song lyrics? It's going to be harder to narrow it down to just that few. ;-)

  2. who took the measurements in this room? that expedit is totally not fitting there.... if it was you measuring, that explains it ;) heehee

    also, link to the table that fits over the sofa? i want one!

  3. cb2 and west elm both have those tables that fit over the sofa.


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