Monday, June 6, 2011

coral bedroom

Remember a few days ago I blogged about seeing this coral bedroom?

I was looking through my Pinterest boards and realized that I had pinned the other half of this bedroom months ago.  I realized it when I saw the bedding and thought "hmm, there's that same coral quilt with a green quilt...hey....wait a minute!"

I am really loving the color coral right now (as if previous posts weren't a hint).  I am seeing coral all over blogland these days. (This bedroom is by Tobi Fairley, btw. You can see her blog here.)  I am not, however, seeing coral anywhere I shop in real life.  I have found one coral quilt at West Elm, but otherwise, practically nothing.  I am happy to paint furniture, but I like bedding or pretty curtain fabrics to tie it all together.

Have you seen any coral in big box stores, or fabric stores you frequent?


  1. Have you checked Joann's or Hancock Fabrics? Do you have a Calico Corner in your area? Their fabrics are nice but can get pricey.

  2. Love that room! No, I haven't seen any coral in the BB stores yet unfortunately - but I predict we will soon.

  3. There are a few coral fabrics at, JoAnns, and a few at Calico Corners, but there's like four or five at each place. Everything at Calico Corner is also expensive--I find more than $20 a yard to be too much for most projects I want to do. (For example, I want to make 4 curtains, so I need about 13 yards, and more than $15 a yard gets pretty expensive.)


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