Sunday, June 5, 2011

Give me some inspiration, pretty please.

So!  I am fresh out of ideas when it comes to my master bedroom. Actually, this happens to me frequently--there are so many beautiful things out there that I can't pick anything.  I get analysis paralysis.

Do you have any pictures of favorite bedrooms?  Beautiful fabrics? Stunning curtains?  I'd like to use pretty curtains as a jumping off point.  Leave a link in the comments.  I need some inspiration.


  1. Have you looked at the pictures on They have zillions and so many ideas. I think you can actually look by color also. I'm exactly like you. There are so many styles and color combinations that I love that it makes it so hard to choose. What colors do you want in your room and what's your budget like for curtains? Do you want to buy them already made or custom? I've always liked these curtains from Ikea:
    They're very serene and neutral. I don't have an Ikea near me and they're only available in the store:(

  2. Tiff--I have those curtains in the playroom in the green colorway, and the blue colorway might be making an appearance in my new kitchen. Its a great pattern!

    I don't know what colors I want in my room. That's the problem. I have black dressers (which I could paint) and a gold mirror that I plan to use...beyond that is undecided. I'm open to making curtains if I find a pretty material.

    I live within 20 minutes of two Ikeas. If you really want those curtains I'm sure we could work something out :-)

  3. That's so nice of you. I may take you up on that at some point.

    What about coral? You had that picture of the coral dresser you liked. Take a look at this:

    That combination looks very fresh. Also check out That blog always has nice ideas for colors.

  4. I am in love with my curtains, but I think they might be more "me" than "you". Still, they are one of my favorite things ever...
    I'll send you a picture.


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