Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah's bedroom moodboard

I made up a moodboard for Sarah's bedroom. We started with the bedding she already owns, which is the Paint Box quilt from Crate and Barrel about five years ago. Its got a ton of great colors in it; lots of blues and reds and yellows.

(Looking a wee bit wrinkled from a four year visit to my attic.)

The walls will be a slate blue color.   The Ikea Henny curtains are white with blue crosshatch circle-ish shapes and will really pop against the wall color.

Sarah will be getting white Malm dressers from Ikea, and possibly the night tables as well, although we hope to thrift a second hand pair instead .  I also hope to thrift some lamps as well, since pretty lamps are expensive.  Homegoods is a good source for lamps so we'll look there too.

She has the white overlapping square headboard from West Elm.  Above the bed will be a blown-up photo on canvas of one of Sarah's vacations--the frontrunner is the beach near my inlaws' home in Costa Rica.  At the foot of the bed will be a rattan blanket trunk for storing linens.

This mirror from Ballard is out of our price range, but I think we can DIY something similar with paint sticks and a mirror.  We are going to give it a try, anyways.

The yellow trellis rug is a warm and happy complement to the cooler blue on the walls, and the bedding ties both the blue and the yellow together.

To be honest, I really pushed Sarah to try this kilim rug instead of the yellow trellis, but she put her foot down.

I've also tried to get her to paint her bathroom pink, but she said no, just like the Mister.  No one will let me paint a bathroom pink. Grr.


  1. Your board turned out great! Can't wait to see the room once it's all together!

  2. I notice nobody is defending the other rug :-P The yellow trellis one is much better.

    I can't wait to move! My house/apt is gonna rock!


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