Monday, September 5, 2011

cue the heavenly music

I have a kitchen cabinet, installed to the wall, in which to put my pots and pans.  Voila.

I still have to paint it, but its functional!

We also installed a shelf under the cabinet on the other side of the kitchen.  I was inspired by this picture; the kitchen cabinets in that kitchen go all the way to the ceiling, as mine do, and I find it difficult to reach anything above the first shelf without a step stool.  The shelving underneath allows me to put the cups and plates I use most within reach.

I would love to run that shelving under the other cabinets as well, but the stove breaks up the space.

We also painted the entire kitchen (four coats!), installed the dining room shelves, built two new bookshelves, installed doors on two other bookshelves...and that doesn't sound like a huge amount, does it, but I assure you it took the entire three day weekend (see again: FOUR coats of paint).

More posts to come on the awesomeness we accomplished this weekend.  

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  1. You are crazy. That sounds like a lot to do in a weekend. Everything sounds lovely :-) and yay cabinet!


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