Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my grandmother's paintings, art for the boys room, framing the thermostat

I put up a few pieces of art around the house this weekend.  Although the house has been livable for quite a while now, I'm still getting around to unpacking our art and figuring out where to put it.  Almost all of our art has a story behind it, and I feel as I put the pieces up that it helps turn this rental into "our" home while we are here.  (Even if that means I have a lot of patching to do when we leave.)

First I put up two pieces painted by my grandmother.

The top one is a picture of peaches.  For our wedding favors, the Mister and I made peach jam (nearly setting the house on fire in the process), so my grandmother painted peaches and in the middle there, a little jar of peach jam.  She gave it to us after our wedding, along with a beautiful handwritten note.

I've stored the note in the back of the picture so we don't lose it, and hopefully some day my kids or grandkids will find that note stored there.

The bottom picture was a little piece she painted and I begged her to give it to me.  I'm so happy I have these pieces; they mean a lot to me.

I also added some art to the boys room.  Originally I painted a mirror orange and put it in there, but when I needed a round mirror for my own bedroom I appropriated that one, leaving a blank spot in the boys' room.

The boys are too short to see the mirror on top of the dressers, so I was looking for a piece of art they could enjoy. I wanted a photograph, but not of their faces.  I had the three of them sit on the lawn and tried to get a picture of their feet lined up, but no one would cooperate.  After a gazillion shots, I finally took this tangle of limbs as the best one.  Peter wears a red allergy bracelet, and he likes that it is so clearly his in the picture.

Sorry for the glare, I tried a million angles but they all are reflected in the glass.

I took the best picture and had it blown up by Poster Brain.  It was cheap--less than $30 with shipping.  I put it in a 28x40 white Ribba frame.  Originally I bought a birch Ribba frame and spraypainted it navy blue, but that didn't work so well. I have spraypainted Ribba frames many times, but I usually get the unfinished wood one, and this size does not come in unfinished wood.  The melamine-like birch frames do NOT take well to spraypaint.  In fact, all the spray paint flaked right off the moment I touched it. Half the paint came off when I tried to put the picture in the frame.  I gave up and bought another white one.

I may retry this photoshoot again someday soon.  After blowing up the picture, all I can see when I look at it is that I should have cut their toenail talons.

Lastly, we replaced our 1950s thermostat with a new digital one that is much smaller.  This left some ugly bumps and holes in the wall.  I patched and painted but it was still obvious.  I found an ornate frame in the basement the right size, and framed the thermostat.  If you can't hide it, make it pretty.

What's your favorite piece of art in your house, and what's the story behind it?

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  1. Your thermostat has a frame! Totally charming, and I adore that vivid color.

    Speaking of charming, that photo is fantastic; I don't see talons but just cute kiddo toes. What a cool idea.


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