Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gossamer Blue back door

This weekend, on one of my many trips to Home Depot, I picked up some paint chips.  It seems like everyone in blogland is painting their front doors a bright, cheerful color.  Our front door is painted a stolid, dirge-worthy, funereal gray. (Why does everyone love gray so much? It makes me think of a bleak February day.)  The landlord seems to like the door that way, so I will leave it alone.

The back door, however, is a really beat up dark wood stain.  I don't think the landlord will mind if I paint it, and I can always paint it a nice bleak gray to match the front door if he doesn't.

I picked a bunch of happy bright yellows and reds and greens.  I'm leaning towards bright sunshiny yellow.

But painting the back door is kind of low on the list--I did the kitchen this weekend, and the cabinets, and I still need to do the china cabinet.  While I was painting a foam board for the back of the bookshelf (BM's Gossamer Blue), I thought, you know, this can is already open, and the INSIDE of the back door would look pretty with a fresh color...so on a whim I painted the inside of the back door.

The back door is directly in line with the front door, so you see it immediately upon entering the house.  I like that its a bit of pretty color that also ties in with all the other rooms on the first floor. I've used this blue in the bookshelves in the living room, and I will be painting the china cabinet that color eventually.  So its a nice pop of color when you walk in the house.


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