Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: year end recap (life)

Here's a summing up of what happened in my life in 2011. This is more of a "life events" wrap-up, rather than a decor list.  As I'm re-reading this recap, it seems that I blogged mainly about decor this year, since there are not many "life" posts.  Which is kind of weird, since I think of this blog as sort of my personal diary.

I will do a separate decor wrap-up post as well.

January through March: we vacationed in Costa Rica, our furnace caught on fire, Peter was potty-trained, I took a course on blogging, I got a new sofa. I feel that getting a new sofa was the crowning glory of the first half of 2011. And the last half too, actually.  That says something about me as a person, probably.

In January, I was still in the grip of baby fever.  We need a fourth child! I've always dreamed of having four children! Every psychic I've ever been to (not that many) has said I will have four children! We have a table that seats six, but there are currently five of us--SOMEONE IS MISSING!  The Mister was smart, he kept saying, "of course we can have another child! Lets just wait a few months, we have this and that going on, etc etc."  And now I've changed my mind (see July below).  He is smart, that one.

April through June:  The last week of June the Mister got a new job.  That job is a "good" job in many respects, but the hours are not great. The Mister leaves the house at 7:30 am and returns home around 10 pm.  Meh. We all miss the Mister.

Also in the months of April through June, we decided to move out of my in-laws' house and rent a house of our own. I spent a few weeks dreaming up new designs for the new house.  This is the first house I ever sat down and thought about how I wanted each room to look as a cohesive design, rather than a piecemeal "I like this, and I already have this, what can I do with that". (I'll include the mood boards in the decor wrap-up.)

July and August: we moved into our new house and I spent a lot of time decorating it. (Too many posts to mention, see the decor wrap up that I haven't written yet.)  That was lovely and pleasant and I really enjoyed it.  We also survived Hurricane Irene with little damage.

I stopped nursing the Princess the day we moved into the new house.  This worked really well.  This also cured me of my baby fever.  For the past six years I have been in baby mode--I have been pregnant or nursing or both for the past six years.  I've also been either gaining 50 lbs while pregnant or trying to lose 50 lbs while nursing.  All of a sudden, I am no longer blinded by all things baby. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I could take a long weekend vacation without my kids, or wear clothing that does not allow instant access to my chest, and huh, whaddya know, freedom from being tethered to my kids 24-7 is hovering nearly in my grasp.

I think I am done with having babies.  (Putting this in writing is pretty much asking the universe to surprise me,  is it not?)

September through December:  You might have noticed (or not) that I went from daily blogging to much more sporadic and slightly cranky posts. That's because Stuff I Won't Be Blogging About happened.

I started but didn't finish a design course at Parsons. (Refer to the above paragraph.)

Peter started preschool, which despite their lip service to being nut-free, were not very vigilant about what they fed Peter, and thus I pulled him out of school in November.  We also discovered that Peter is environmentally allergic to pretty much everything in the world, which we think is the cause of his three-year-long sinus infection. We hope.

Aaaaaaaaaand now we are finishing up the year with a rat infestation.

So! That's (mostly) what happened in my life in 2011.

2012 had better bring the awesome.


  1. 2012 had best bring the awesome indeed!

  2. 2012 had best bring the awesome indeed!

  3. Love the sofa! Sorry about the rats! The nut free thing is just horrible!! For what it's worth, it gets better! They eventually dress and feed themselves!One day, they will be in school all the same time. Until then, do what makes you happy as often as you can.

  4. This roundup is just as good as the quiz! I lived in a house that was infested with mice once, and it was horribly horribly horrible. I always said that if rats came in i would just cede the house and its contents. I am so, so sorry. I would be crying.

  5. I feel you. For me 2011 brought the purchase of a money pit, the loss of all of our savings for said money pit, a miscarriage and the subsequent mass loss of hair. I'll be bald soon. So yes, 2012 better bring the f'in awesomeness!


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