Sunday, December 11, 2011

decluttering the attic playroom

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I know, I have fallen down on the decluttering job.  I have barely touched the list; I keep looking at my kitchen drawers and console drawers and thinking, oy, I really should DO SOMETHING so I have something to blog about.  And yet, I do nothing.

Since the donation pickup is tomorrow, I finally decided to do something this morning.  I picked the attic playroom, since that had the largest number of items I wanted to get rid of.   Remember how messy it was?

And now, here's all the stuff I got rid of.  Two bags of trash, one dollhouse, two cardboard boxes of toys, one small table, and three pillows.  At the very end is another cardbox box and trash bag filled with stuff that is going to cousin Denise and some of her friends.

I personally am fond of organizing toys by common themes, so not all of the cubbies and bins you see are full.  Each bin has its own type of toy--like blocks, superheroes, big legos, medium legos, little legos, dinosaurs, Bey Blades, wooden trucks, etc.

When decluttering I pruned all the broken toys, the toys that were missing pieces, the noisy ones I can't stand to hear one more second, and the superheroes with amputated limbs. Sadly, Peter discovered the Handy Manny toolbox that plays mariachi music and rescued it from the donate pile. Then, as I was cleaning, I came across an entire box of toys I never even unpacked--ack.

So now its a bit cleaner. If only my children would actually play up there, instead of dragging the toys down one by one to my living room.

I also have a problem getting rid of books.  I might think a book is dumb, or terribly written, or the cover is missing and the pages are ripped----but books are SACRED and I cannot get rid of a book.  (This bookshelf is in addition to the cram-packed bookshelves in both the boys' room and Princess's room. We have many books, this family.)

You might notice a second dollhouse up in the corner of the above picture.  My mother gave me not only my old dollhouse, but my sister's as well.  Although I had high hopes of participating in the I'm A Giant challenge, not.  Because I have not touched that dollhouse except to put it on that table.  Next year, maybe.

I have a month before the donation truck comes back to my neighborhood, so the basement might get some love before then. Its unlikely, but possible.


  1. I see you got rid of the meth house. :)

    Take good care of my old house!

    The attic looks great now.

  2. OK, I defended the room last week as "colorful", but you are right. It does look so much better. What a lot of decluttering. You were ruthless!

  3. Oh, wow, this really is motivating. You really got busy! Congratulations, it looks great!

  4. Looking good! And my kids do the same thing - they have a playroom of their own, and yet insist on bringing their toys into the Family Room so they can be near us. Endearing and frustrating at the same time.

  5. Wow! Way to go getting rid of so much! I am totally impressed. The room looks like fun, and I bet your kids will 'play' in it more!

  6. Hahaha--I love that you thought you should do something so that you have something to post on your blog. I do the same thing--isn't that accountability great?

    Your playroom looks great!

  7. I had that gray dollhouse! With the plastic-y windows! Crazy. That thing kind of sucked, if I remember it correctly.

    I'm so jealous of your attack space. (I mean, if the kids actually used it.) My boys spread everything around the house, too, and since the toys are kept in their room, that means it's a mess EVERYWHERE.

    I'm totally motivated to clean out their toys now. (AGAIN.)

  8. Woah, that is some progress! You actually have a donation truck that comes by regularly? That is so cool. Getting the stuff I purge out of the door is usually a process that takes months. Because you know, it is hard to drop it of at the local charity shop a 4 minute drive away.

  9. Stopping by from the link up at Jules'. The playroom looks great! I am going to need a system like that as my daughter's toy collection grows.

  10. I can relate, we have a small playroom that really just serves to hold the kids rarely ever "play" in there! Very motivational, but man, I'm still not ready to tackle my son's post-Christmas room yet.

  11. Hope that your kids play in their organized space! What a treat to have somewhere to put all of the toys, I'm totally jealous, as your space looks bigger than both the kids and my room combined. Love the donation trucks that come by regularly, must make sure to take better advantage of the service.


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