Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tenement living

I am as tired of writing about rats as you are of reading about it, probably.  If only these rats would leave so we could move on to nicer topics, like redecorating my dining room.

Last night, I timidly opened the cabinet under the sink, to see if any more rats had been caught in the traps.  I noticed a trap lying on its side, and then, horror of horrors, I noticed a rat. A live rat. I screamed. The rat screamed. I slammed the door shut. The rat began to make a thrashing and banging sound that continued for about an hour.  I surmised, although I did not peer back in to check, that the rat had caught one of its wee limbs in the trap and was attempting to shake it loose.  Or gnaw off its own arm.  Regardless, I was not giving the rat the chance to spring at me and eat my face if I was wrong.

Eventually, my landlord came over and removed it.  However, this afternoon as I was folding laundry, a rat materialized on the second floor of the house, and OH HOLY HELL NO. Just...NO.  We will have a very Merry Christmas in our vermin-riddled house.  Maybe Jacob Riis can come take some pictures.



  1. LISA! You are living my worst nightmare. What are you going to do?!!?!?

  2. More rats? WTF? The landlord should give you free rent until you are living in a rat free home. I mean, you have kids. And rats are not known for their cleanliness. I'm sorry":(
    On a happier note, I love the new look of your blog. It is new right? Or am I that unobservant?

  3. Oh my goodness Lisa!!!! Nothing is more terrifying to me than a mouse, let alone a rat. I would probably die if I saw one in my home. Wishing you and your cute family a very merry (and rat-free!!) Christmas!

  4. Well, yes, I am sort of losing my mind over here.

    But yes, Tiff, I did get a new header. I'm glad you like it :-)


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