Monday, December 12, 2011

Chiang mai master bedroom finished

I think its finally finished. My chiang mai dragon pillows are here, which is the final finishing touch. (For now, anyways. When is a room ever totally finished?)

I think I've talked just about every item in this room to death.  The only things not discussed so far are the new indigo blue duvet and the rug.  The blue duvet came from The Company Store.  We have a humongous brown flannel pinstripe blanket that is super-warm, but brown flannel pinstripe did not lend itself to this design, so I tried a duvet.  I am normally a duvet-hater, but I am happy with this one so far. The ties in the corners that keep the blanket from sliding around make a huge difference.

Our old apartment had carpeting in the bedroom, so we did not have a rug for this room.  A new 8x10 rug that would be almost entirely covered up by the king bed was not in the budget.  Instead, I bought two 5x7-ish white flatweave rugs from Ikea ($80 total!)  and taped them together with carpet tape.  I am less than impressed with how they have stuck together--my side is fine, but the Mister's side always moves around, so it is on my list to get a large needle and some fishing thread-type-stuff and sew them together.  Since that would involve moving a king bed in a 10x10 room, I have been putting that task off for a while now.

You can read more about pulling the room together here: the original moodboard, the evolution of the moodboard, the summer bedding versionheadboard, Espana night tables, art over night tables, striped curtains, West Elm euro shams, lampshades, dressers, chiang mai dragon art.

1. Headboard: Craigslist
2. West Elm bedframe
2. West Elm euro shams
4. striped curtains made from West Elm duvet
5. Company Store indigo blue duvet (The lightweight coral summer bedding is from West Elm.)
6. chiang mai pillows
7. Espana/Rast night tables
8. dressers: already owned, from a defunct furniture store
9. hardware on dressers and Rast night tables
10. jewelry box: garage sale
11. mirror: thrift store
12. Erslev rug, 2 laid together
13. Bamboo frames: thrift store
14. Chinese lion: Homegoods
15. Green vase: Crate and Barrel
16. lamps: Homegoods and Pottery Barn Kids years ago, spraypainted Krylon Navy Blue
17. lampshades: plain Target shades with blue grosgrain ribbon added


  1. It looks fantastic...I'm sending you an e-mail soon ;)

  2. I really love the room, and that is a good idea to stitch together two rugs! Why didn't I think of that??

  3. Looks great! Love the new duvet, and the chiang mai pillows are gorgeous.

  4. It looks GREAT! I love all the pops of color.

  5. Your bedroom is fabulous! What an incredible job you've done!! I was thinking of doing the same thing with two IKEA white rugs in my daughter's room. I'm glad to know to just go straight to sewing. I didn't see anything on the hanging Chiang Mai on the wall. How did you do that? Love your blog BTW!

  6. Beautiful! Congrats on a job well done!

  7. It looks wonderful! Love the colors and the patterns! Great job!

  8. You are amazing!

    I have to know...does that door open next to the green vase? And where does it lead....? ;)

  9. So much color and pop... and it works, famously.

    Love your direction in this room, gorgeous.

  10. Your room looks great! I would love to feature it on my blog. Would you be interested in writing a guest post? If not, could I just show pics and write something?


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