Tuesday, December 20, 2011

rats, plural; sugary vegetables; sick kids

I am writing this perched on my sofa, listening to the veritable army of jackhammering rats in my kitchen walls.  Apparently Rat the First had friends and family.

I am deeply distressed about this.

I am searching for recipes for stuff to bring to various holiday get-togethers.  The von Trapped family has a number of food allergies (we are a bundle of fun to host for dinner! Invite us over so I can give you the long list of stuff you may not cook with!)  and so I try to bring a dish that ensures that there is at least one thing we can eat wherever we are.

I am undecided on Christmas Eve desserts; I would like to attempt a flourless chocolate cake because I love to eat them, but anything involving a water bath sounds finicky and prone to easy ruination, and I am doubtful that skim Lactaid milk will be an appropriate substitute for heavy whipping cream.  Still working on that one.

I have seen various "substitute a can of pumpkin for eggs and oil in a box cake mix" recipes floating around blogland, and I made one today.  It was.....ok, I guess.  It was moist (yes, to all the people in my life who have rules about the word "moist", I just used the word "moist" and might do so again, because truly, this cake was MOIST).  It was also dense and....I dunno, just thicker and wetter than a regular cake, although not with the delightful texture and taste of a brownie.  It was just moist.  It was not horrible but I do not feel the need to make it again.

One thing I will probably be bringing to my grandmother's on Christmas Day is an apple/butternut squash/sweet potato....thing.  Casserole?  It is super delicious, easy to make, and also moist, but in a deliciously good way.

I like to buy bags of cubed butternut squash and cubed sweet potatoes from Trader Joe's, because I am all about lazy cooking.  I toss half a bag of each into a 9x13 baking pan, and freeze the rest (and usually make a second batch later in the week).  I chop up two or three apples (this recipe is going to annoy the hell out of my sister--"why can't you use precise measurements, for pete's sake, what the hell is a pinch and is it two apples or is it three apples, how do you know which is right, TWO OR THREE???")

Right, so you have a pan full of chopped up butternut squash, sweet potatoes and apples. Toss in half a stick of butter, and some cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and whatever other spice you might toss in a pumpkin pie.  I would use nutmeg if we had any.  I sprinkle about two heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar over top.  Bake at 375 degrees for an hour.  At the half hour, take it out and stir it around a bit, then pop it back in.

The finished product looks, I will admit....brown.  But its a delicious brown! A gluten free, nearly lactose free, nut free brown!

I am not a food photographer, but I promise, if you like sweet potatoes and butternut squash and apples, this is delicious.  Truly.  Although my kids won't eat it.

My kiddos have been sick for the past week.  Perhaps we could just skip the November to May sickfest we have every year.

Princess has a tougher constitution, and while just as sick as the other two, plus she has molars coming in (sigh), she is steadfastly refusing to nap or sleep, ever.  This is a joyous occasion.  I should probably set her loose on the rats; she'd kill them in no time.

Girlfriend does like her band-aids.  Don't worry, they are merely decorative, placed by Princess herself, no boo-boos underneath.

Girlfriend is also suddenly obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake (note the band-aids), to the detriment of all the Minnie Mouse stuff I bought for Christmas.

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  1. Oh! I meant to say ick to the rats. Sorry to hear that :(


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