Thursday, December 15, 2011

large art of a nun's head?

Today Christine from Bijou and Boheme was featured on Amber Interior Designs, and she wrote about her favorite five living room designs.  One of the designs really caught my interest:

Picture via Elle Decor
That giant picture of the nun's face over the sofa.

How do you feel about this?  Could you live with the steely eye of Sister Mary-Sylvia gazing upon you while you watched tv or made out with your boyfriend on the sofa below? (Although from the angle of the picture Sister Mary-Sylvia appears to be looking at herself in the mirror, or out the window.)

On one hand, I am fascinated by the art and wish I had a better picture of it--I like the enormous scale, the moody colors and the composition.  The painting is by Tony Scherman; you can see more of his artwork here. Unfortunately this painting is not on his website, but all of his painting seem to have this dark yet slightly irreverent feel to them.  

On the other hand, I tend to shy away from buying art of faces or people; I don't want them looking at me.  The first house that the Mister and I lived in together was a nine-month winter share on the Jersey Shore that came fully furnished.  There were a number of (ahem) paintings by the owner hanging on the walls.

One of the paintings was in the dining room.  Over the dining table there was a 48 x 60 portrait of a woman, without clothing, sitting at that same dining table, eating oysters. (!!)  After a few nights of eating under that view, Miss Naked Lady went to live under the bed in one of the many guest bedrooms for the remainder of our time there. (I have rewritten this paragraph about a hundred times now; I want to keep it safe for work and not offend anyone, but after so many years of reading romance novels I'm having a really hard time not using more colorful descriptors to describe that painting. )

So what do you think? Could you live with the giant nun? Share what pieces of art you've been liking (or hating) lately.


  1. I like it (the nun art) but I dont know if I'd want it, if that makes sense. It really works in that room though.
    Where we used to live in Ann Arbor, there was a house with a very busty white plaster naked lady lounged out on the porch. We used to take a long way home at night just so we could see that naked lady.

  2. I actually like the nun portrait in that space. The scale is perfect. Madonna used to say she thinks nuns are sexy. ;)


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