Sunday, December 18, 2011

We live in the 1970s NYC sewers.

Well, the bad news is the rabid squirrel in my kitchen walls is not, in fact, a squirrel, rabid or otherwise.

It is a RAT.

There may have been some hysteria on my part when the exterminator announced that there was a rat in my walls.

The good news is that the bear trap did its job a few minutes ago.  THE RAT IS NO MORE.  I was sitting on the sofa with a sick Greg, watching Bey Blade Metal Masters while the Mister had taken the other two grocery shopping, when there was a THUMP from the kitchen sink area.  I froze, debating whether to keep my terrified self planted firmly on the sofa (you all KNOW what happens to the hot chick who investigates a loud thump in a horror movie), or if I should go shove the ottoman in front of the sink so that the rat could not accidentally writhe its way onto my kitchen floor in its death throes.  The terror of possibly seeing the rat won out and I dropped the ottoman in front of the sink.  Then I promptly texted the Mister and told him to come home and investigate what had just happened under the sink.

Happily, the Mister came home after about ten minutes, and our time alone with the intruder was limited.

Thank heavens, because I will tell you all that I was losing my everloving mind at the thought of rats in my house.  Please please please do not let said rat have friends and neighbors intent on vengeance and retribution.  


  1. I. Would. Die. One of my biggest fears is creatures in my house.

  2. I must say....when I saw the knawed off sponge- i had a feeling it was a rat- and this feeling comes from unfortunate experience in the matter. We had them at our old house - and they literally emptied a BJ's size box of granola bars in a day out of our tenents apt. downstairs- hopefully the terminator will set bait up all over the place (in places that you and the kiddos do not ever come in contact with (on the sils of the foundation in the basement, etc.) and you will be all set!

  3. Glad you got him! We had one that lived under our back porch not too long ago. It grossed me out just thinking about it!

  4. This post made me laugh.

    That poor poor mouse...RIP Stewart Little! jkjkjkjk.

    Glad it's over for you!


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