Monday, April 8, 2013

ET Phone Home, tawdry paint

My living room and my kitchen are hazmats sites.  ET phone home....  (I am on a roll lately with the early eighties references.)

Actually, we are just remediating some mold.  (Two things to know about getting rid of mold: 1) it will cost wayyy more than you think it should, and 2) the mold remediation business is full of hucksters and con men.)


I started painting the Princess's room.  I have an idea for a wall in her bedroom, and bought 5 quarts of different colors for it, but then realized that executing the idea would be much easier if I painted the wall a base color of pink, but I didn't have enough paint so I bought another can of paint but not from the same place, and of course they didn't match exactly.

(FYI, the pink on the left is Benjamin Moore color Wild Pink from Ace Hardware (Clark Kensington brand of paint), which is a truly terrible paint, don't ever buy it because the coverage was horrible.  The pink on the right is Benjamin Moore Wild Pink from Home Depot in Behr paint, which was a paint with much better coverage but the color isn't right.)

This annoyed me to no end, because buying two quarts is more expensive than a gallon, and then I had to go buy yet more paint for yet another coat so that the whole thing is the same color.  To make matters worse, I liked the original color from Ace on the left, not the second color from Home Depot on the right.  Since we are hemorrhaging money at the money I debated just finishing it with the darker color on the right, since I have just enough paint left for another coat.  But its not the right color.

The Mister said "the left is so sophisticated and elegant! The right is tawdry and cheap! If you paint it the Home Depot paint you will forever look at that wall and think if only I had just gone and spent another $20 on more paint."


I love that man.

So we got a third can of paint and it looks much better.  Very elegant and sophisticated. 


  1. Oh such good advice Mr. Gave you ... hate it when they are right, but boy he was on the money!! Good Luck! xo

  2. Oh, I had a mold event once. It lasted months. I hope yours is small! And I agree with your husband on the paint!

  3. Ha! Cheap and tawdry. I do like the one you picked better.

  4. Totally agree on the paint! One on the left is so much prettier.


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