Friday, April 19, 2013

playroom gallery wall around the tv

Since we are moving in one week (eep!), I'm trying to get last pictures of the house before we start packing.  I haven't put up the playroom on the blog because I just can't seem to photograph the pictures without terrible sun glare on the picture wall, but I gave it my best shot.

The tv was mounted off center because (despite about 18 holes) we couldn't find a stud in the middle.  We used our West Elm art wall around the tv (see when we first moved in here), and I added on with additional black frames from Target.  Only a few pieces remain of the original West Elm art; the rest is mostly artwork from the kids.  

Princess has some of the best color composition.  I've saved about 400 pieces of her artwork for hanging at the next house. (I have saved the boys's artwork too, but they don't produce even a fraction of the amount of artwork that she does.)  (Princess's current artwork phase is "princess with hair.")

Now to take all that down this weekend and patch all the holes.

I'm not sure where this art installation will live in the next house, as I think we may only have one tv located in the family room, instead of one in the playroom and one in the living room.

What do you have around your tv? 


  1. The art is so cute! Love it here, can't wait to see it in the new house!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a gallery hallway will be in your new home. I have some baskets under my tv. I struggle with how to make a hanging tv look good. We still have one of those huge armories with a big fat chunky tv in it. That is next on the chopping block.


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