Monday, April 22, 2013

Scenes from a weekend

It was a lovely, relaxing, lazy weekend.


We packed and packed and cleaned and went to the dump and moved some stuff to the new house and painted and packed.

We cleaned forty years of grime off our new craigslist dining chairs.

We took down the hearts over Princess's bed.

We found a rug on craigslist.

The Evil Princess Porkchop and Super Peter returned!

More cleaning and packing.  The fun continues Sunday evening at 9 pm, with painting my old dresser for Princess's bedroom.

The primer is bubbling! Will this damn weekend never end.

Also this weekend my a few of my childrens had The Pink Eye and our house was a vomitorium. (Twice in the past few days I have been in another room and heard a quiet, rumbling "urp" from a child and managed to get them in front of an appropriate receptacle before the vomiting began (once from a sound sleep!), but this hardly seems like my luck will last.)    If my kids pass either of these virulent pestilence on to me I will be Wicked Pissed.

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  1. Ugh, moving. A necessary evil. Good luck with everything.


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